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Natures Miracle Advanced Formula Cat Stain And Odour Eliminator Sunny Lemon

4.5 star rating 6 reviews

NATURES MIRACLE Advanced Formula Cat Stain And Odour Eliminator Sunny Lemon

Make short work of even the toughest stains and odors left by your feline friend with Natures Miracle Advanced Formula Cat Stain and Odour Eliminator. Enjoy the refreshingly clean Sunny Lemon scent, while trusting in the bio-enzymatic formula to eradicate all traces of set-in stains and smells.

  • Employs bio-enzymatic cleaning technology to thoroughly eliminate stains and odors at the molecular level
  • Specifically formulated to tackle set-in stains and odors from pets
  • Refreshing Sunny Lemon scent to instantly deodorize affected areas
  • Fast-drying formula to minimize downtime in treated areas
  • Suitable for use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, fabrics, and more without damaging surfaces
  • Comes in a convenient spray bottle for targeted application
  • Full action time: Dries in 15 minutes post-application for quick freshening
  • Safe for use in homes with pets and children when used as directed
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Safe to use in areas frequented by pets when following usage instructions
  • Avoid direct application on pets and ensure they are kept away from treated areas until the product has dried completely
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry place out of reach from pets and children
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Expand your pet hygiene toolkit with our extensive selection of cleaning solutions by exploring our Natures Miracle range. For specific advice on addressing pet stains and unwanted odors, view our Cat Stain and Odour Removers collection. Gain insights and tips on preventing accidents by visiting our informative content on toileting habits and management in cats.

About the Brand

At Natures Miracle, striking the balance between cleanliness and safety is our priority. The Advanced Formula Stain and Odour Eliminator is a testament to our commitment to provide pet-safe, nature-inspired cleaning solutions. To discover more about our innovative approach to pet messes, head over to the Natures Miracle brand page.

Natures Miracle Advanced Formula Cat Stain And Odour Eliminator Sunny Lemon


Ingredients List

Water, Bio-Enzymatic Odour Lock, Oxygen Boosters, Surfactant, Isopropyl Alcohol, Fragrance

Feeding Guidelines

These are broad guidelines only, designed to assist with feeding your pet based on their weight, age and activity level. Always check the feeding charts on your pet's food packaging in conjunction with these feeding guidelines. Required amounts may differ between individual pets, and adjustments may be required to maintain optimal body weight.

Once or twice daily feeding is recommended for adult dogs, unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian. Puppies and kittens require feeding more regularly, with the total portion divided into three or four meals throughout the day. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.


Customer Reviews

4.5 star rating 6 Reviews
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