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Paws for Life Deshedding Tool Short Hair

Paws for Life Deshedding Tool Short Hair

Paws for Life Deshedding Tool, Short Hair

Paws for Life provides convenient, practical and all-round 'pawesome' products that your cat or dog will absolutely love - at a delightfully affordable price that you'll absolutely love! Paws for Life understands the special bond you share with your pet - throughout the fun times, the frustrating times, and everything in between. Thats why all products are designed to make pet ownership easier - so that you can nurture this bond and ultimately build a lifelong friendship with your furry mate.

Sometimes, your pets fur needs a little extra love, no matter how good they are at grooming themselves. This convenient de-shedding tool is ideal for quickly removing loose shedding hair from the undercoat. Use regularly to reduce loose shedding fur which ends up on your clothes and around your house. The stainless steel comb contains tightly placed teeth which helps comb the perfect amount of loose fur. A comfortable rubber grip with thumb imprints provides an easy hold in both the left and right hand.

  • Easy to use de-shedding brush
  • Comb and blade design to thin out the under layers or fur without reducing fur length
  • Removes loose fur to reduce overall shedding
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Ideal size for short fur
  • Helps reduce shedding and flyaway furballs around the house

Directions for use: First remove any tangles or hair mats before using deshedding tool. Use small, swift strokes on your pet’s coat following hair growth direction. Grab removed hair from brush and throw away in garbage. Use no more than 5 strokes per area to protect your pet’s skin from damage. Do not use excessive force. Always comb and brush in the direction of the hair grain. WARNING: Do not use on wet fur to de-shed your pet. Before use, always perform a complete physical inspection of pet’s skin and coat. If there are any sores, bruises or skin conditions, seek treatment from a veterinarian.

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Paws for Life Deshedding Tool Short Hair

  • Variety:Brushes and Combs
  • Pet:Dog, Cat

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Once or twice daily feeding is recommended for adult dogs, unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian. Puppies and kittens require feeding more regularly, with the total portion divided into three or four meals throughout the day. Ensure fresh water is available at all times.


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