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Cat Blue Revolution

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Product Information

Revolution Blue for Cats weighing 2.6-7.5kg.

Revolution is a monthly spot-on treatment to protect your cat from fleas, heartworm and other nasty parasites.

  • Prevents heartworm when used monthly
  • Kills fleas and prevents further infestation for one month
  • Controls roundworm and hookworm
  • Treats and controls ear mites

Revolution kills adult fleas as well as their eggs and larvae to break the lifecycle of fleas in the environment, protecting your cat for an entire month. Revolution also protects your cat from heartworm disease. Although heartworm is less common in cats than dogs, it is potentially fatal and there are no safe treatment options available, so prevention is essential. As well as providing month-long protection for your cat against heartworm and fleas, Revolution treats and controls ear mites, and kills roundworm and hookworm.

Safe for treatment of kittens from 6 weeks of age, and safe for use in pregnant and lactating queens.

Just need flea prevention? Try Comfortis or Advantage.

Has your cat been treated for tapeworm? Add Drontal or Profender.


Selamectin 60mg/mL


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Reviews (71) 5 star rating

Liz Vic, Au (reviewed Fri Aug 26 15:18:26 AEST 2016 )

I have dear old boy 19 years old .it is the best product . buy 6 pack no fleas works very well and I get the dog brand for my GSD 8 years old .

Robert Nsw, Au (reviewed Mon Sep 26 15:12:49 AEST 2016 )

Have used this product for years. No problems at all. Wouldn't change it. Your delivery service was excellent

Vanessa Nsw, Au (reviewed Wed Nov 30 07:15:07 AEDT 2016 )

Great value for money. Great service and quick delivery. Will keep mshopping at Pet Circle!

Sandy Vic, Au (reviewed Wed Dec 21 14:17:44 AEDT 2016 )

Really good and it was on Special, bonus!

Jodie Vic, Au (reviewed Tue Jan 03 20:51:08 AEDT 2017 )

We seem to be going through a bad flea season at the moment and I've always been happy with this product. I think I may have put it on their necks a little low and they licked a lot of it of so still seeing fleas. I'm hoping the next treatment will knock them off. Having said that I've used it for a while and never had an issue.

Patricia Qld, Au (reviewed Sat Jan 14 11:34:11 AEDT 2017 )

I always us this for my cats as it is the only one that keeps their ears free of mite as an added benefit of worm and flea control

Lexe Thorpe (reviewed Thu Feb 09 21:33:59 AEDT 2017 )

i find this product not as good as it use to be it does not work like it use to

Danielle Nsw, Au (reviewed Fri Feb 17 16:09:49 AEDT 2017 )

I would recommend this product to everyone with cats I purchased a 6 pack and recieved a single packet for free, great value for money. I used it on him and with that day the fleas where no longer bothering him. the prompt service in delivery was excellent. only took 2 days

Elizabeth Qld, Au (reviewed Sat Feb 25 07:50:51 AEDT 2017 )

A product that works with no side effects like others I have read about.

Geoffrey Nsw, Au (reviewed Sun Feb 26 19:15:26 AEDT 2017 )

Great price!

Karen Qld, Au (reviewed Mon Feb 27 18:27:19 AEDT 2017 )

Easy to use and highly effective.

Valerie Qld, Au (reviewed Sun Mar 05 10:19:26 AEDT 2017 )

I have used this product for years for my cats and it works really well. Plus your delivery service was swift and efficient. Thank you ??

Lorelle Qld, Au (reviewed Mon Mar 14 13:23:34 AEDT 2016 )

I have been using Revolution for a while and find it to be an effective treatment, the price at Pet Circle is good.

Rodney Qld, Au (reviewed Mon Apr 18 12:22:50 AEST 2016 )

It is the spot-on product that does't affect my sensitivities and doesn't say 'Poison' on the packet like the rest do. Works very well at keeping the fleas away

Doreen Sa, Au (reviewed Thu Jul 14 15:01:25 AEST 2016 )

excellent value and prompt delivery. Thanks

Elizabeth Vic, Au (reviewed Mon Nov 28 18:28:23 AEDT 2016 )

Have always used this product with no ill effect. First time use of Pet Circle - ordered by phone - good service. Price at $55/pack was excellent, especially with free delivery. Actual delivery was very fast and exactly followed instructions for delivery if we were out. Good customer experience.

Madelaine Ginning (reviewed Mon Jan 09 21:40:37 AEDT 2017 )

I have brought this else where and have found to be the only flea treatment that works for my cats and rabbits :)

Jill Currie (reviewed Mon Jan 23 20:23:23 AEDT 2017 )

Great stuff!

Karen Vic, Au (reviewed Fri Feb 03 08:38:19 AEDT 2017 )

Fabulous. Doesn't stress the cats like some of the other brands. Service was excellent! Received the package the following day. Can't get better service than that.

Dorothy Sa, Au (reviewed Mon Feb 13 20:50:40 AEDT 2017 )

Easy to use. Your ordering and delivery service is xcellent

Kelly (reviewed Tue Feb 14 10:56:43 AEDT 2017 )

Michele Nsw, Au (reviewed Wed Feb 22 11:54:54 AEDT 2017 )

Good value for money!! ??????

Dianne Vic, Au (reviewed Thu Mar 02 11:33:07 AEDT 2017 )

We have 3 cats and have used it for years works well I am very satisfied.

Monica Sa, Au (reviewed Thu Mar 16 12:03:18 AEDT 2017 )

Great product as I have found in the past other brands are oil based and irritate my cats fur, this one is definitely kinder to the cats. I use as a preventative and been fortunate that they haven't ever had flea or worms, etc

Lucas Sydney, Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Mon May 27 21:16:30 AEST 2013 )

Always a trusted brand. Straightforward application, no fuss, no mess and thoroughly effective.

Lynn Coolum Beach, QLD, Australia (reviewed Tue Jun 04 07:07:31 AEST 2013 )

I am a regular purchaser of my cat products and other items. normally very expensive from the vet.

Adele null (reviewed Tue Jun 04 13:15:04 AEST 2013 )

Thank you for supplying these so quickly and efficiently. I am very happy with the product and impressed with the purchase price and service.

Leah89 Townsville, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Fri Jun 14 22:54:37 AEST 2013 )

My vet recommended Revolution for my cats and I am very happy with the product, the price and the service/delivery from Paws For Life. The packet also contained stickers to put on the calendar so I can make sure to give the cats the dose on the same day each month. Very affordable and easy to use.

Bear21 Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Wed Jun 26 12:03:33 AEST 2013 )

I have been using this product for the four years we have had our Ragdoll, and I have never seen a flea on him. At his annual check the Vet said he was in great shape.

AussieDan0 Newcastle, NSW, Australia (reviewed Tue Jul 16 08:07:28 AEST 2013 )

This is a highly effective product.  Highly recommended for a simple and easy product to administer. Love it!

mazda Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Thu Jul 18 10:01:34 AEST 2013 )

I have three cats which are indoor and outdoor cats, one of which when i first found her was infested with fleas, since using the product, it has dropped significantly. I have been using it for awhile. I am very happy and confident in the product of course it hasn't totally kept them free of those nasty critters as my cats are outdoor. It does both worming and removing fleas.

cats13 Perth, Western Australia, Australia (reviewed Fri Jul 19 07:49:04 AEST 2013 )

best price I have found for this product. A standing order is the way to go. Product aIways arrives on time with an email to notify you its on the way.  have always used Revolution as it protects your cat against so many things. all you need with this is a tapeworm tablet every 3 months. 

Kismet27 Grafton, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Fri Jul 19 13:56:17 AEST 2013 )

I bought a bag for my little baby (sooty) and she loves it 

Milly Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Tue Jul 23 08:26:33 AEST 2013 )

I have used this product for both my cats, (unfortunately Matilda has passed away), it is easy to use, and in 13 years I have never had any flea or worm problems.  Will never change.

Waffle Adelaide (reviewed Tue Jul 30 16:57:17 AEST 2013 )

Got the Revolution very quickly and at a decent price. Process was easy. Will buy again, thanks!

Whar Maryborough, QLD, Australia (reviewed Thu Aug 15 18:32:41 AEST 2013 )

I have been using Revolution for over a year now (as recommended by a friend) and have found its efficiency for flea control one of the best on the market.

didee hervey bay (reviewed Thu Nov 21 16:45:58 AEDT 2013 )

doesn't seem to smell like other products previously used and happy with everything that it controls all rolled into one product. easy to apply and cats are happy

Inga Sydney Australia (reviewed Tue Dec 10 09:39:50 AEDT 2013 )

I've used this product for 6 months and it is so easy to use. No fuss application and my cat is not stressed

motone Blue Mountains, NSW (reviewed Thu Dec 12 10:11:26 AEDT 2013 )

I buy this product just to be on the safe side. Our cat is an indoor cat, so it is difficult to say how effective it is. He is going to a cattery soon, so I'm happy he has it. If you ask him, and he could talk, he would tell you that he hates it! One bit of constructive criticism; possibly; I think the product is over packaged.

Allycat Adelaide, SA, Australia (reviewed Mon Dec 16 21:41:41 AEDT 2013 )

I have regular deliveries of this product. It is a great all rounder for my cats. Worms and de-fleas them.

2995 Wollongong (reviewed Wed Dec 18 17:27:51 AEDT 2013 )

Revolution flea treatment has really helped our cat from the ravages of fleas

nurse24 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Sat Jan 04 08:31:34 AEDT 2014 )

Great price, great product, which keeps our boy Frank, comfortable and flea free.

Tobyfor1 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Tue Feb 04 19:47:11 AEDT 2014 )

Have been buying this product for some years for my cats & it is so easy to use & works extremely well. Very happy with it.

Merv null (reviewed Wed Mar 12 05:38:17 AEDT 2014 )

Within a day of applying this product there was noticeably less fleas on all four of my cats and after a week or so there were none.I would definitely recommend this product.

Suzi Townsville, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Tue Apr 01 13:32:32 AEDT 2014 )

Regular purchase of revolution they have cheapest price

catfanaticau Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Wed Apr 02 18:09:02 AEDT 2014 )

I have tried several flea control products over the years, and have concluded that Revolution for Cats suits my/their needs best. It is easy to apply and doesn't smell as bad as some other flea control products.

xxxooo null (reviewed Fri Apr 04 19:47:29 AEDT 2014 )

Quick, easy way to obtain with prompt courteous service and as cheap if not cheaper than local providers

Catwoman Sydney (reviewed Thu May 01 12:50:47 AEST 2014 )

I bought this about a month ago, it is the only product I use for my cats as it works well consistently. It arrived very quickly as well so I was happy with the service.

MC29 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (reviewed Sat May 03 19:47:13 AEST 2014 )

Paws For Life was recommended to me by a friend who had shopped with them before and was happy with the products and service. My order arrived very quickly and I was happy with the product. I was impressed in regards to price and service and will definitely use Paws For Life again. Thanks!

Helen60 Blue mountains nsw (reviewed Tue May 06 05:51:27 AEST 2014 )

Revolution is a reliable & effective product which I use regularly on my two cats

Margs QLD, Australia (reviewed Fri Jun 06 18:30:42 AEST 2014 )

If you really love your precious Pet, you need to look after him/her and by using Revolution you can guard your Pet against getting sick - Your Pet loves you and depends on you to look after him/her

silver_brumby Brisbane, QLD, Australia (reviewed Wed Jun 25 10:20:36 AEST 2014 )

Very disappointed as this product did not work for my cat at all.

jordanberg012 null (reviewed Mon Jul 07 19:18:38 AEST 2014 )

Fast delivery, great product, will be buying again!

renegirl Maryborough, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Tue Jul 15 06:36:13 AEST 2014 )

My cats now get their flea treatment on time now that it arrives at my door step

Jaredm North Lakes, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Sun Aug 24 16:42:38 AEST 2014 )

I have been using Revolution for both my Cats and Dogs and I have never seen a flea or ever had any problems! Also a lot cheaper than from Pet shops!

Eysie Perth, WA, Australia (reviewed Tue Aug 26 20:26:12 AEST 2014 )

I've used this product for all my fur friends and it never fails. Great price buying online.

Donna Sa, Au (reviewed Wed Oct 22 21:13:17 AEDT 2014 )

I've been using Revolution for a few years now & it's an effective treatmt. Cats dislike it but too bad they need it.

Debbie 61 Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Tue Dec 09 16:51:21 AEDT 2014 )

Got rid of most of the fleas but not completely, but otherwise good.

Shaz47 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Wed Dec 17 08:39:18 AEDT 2014 )

I will be buying this product again and recomend it

Foozy Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Wed Dec 17 08:46:51 AEDT 2014 )

My partner recommended to buy Revolution for our cat as it does it all apparently, only time will tell

Bubblesgoescrazy Adelaide (reviewed Wed Jan 21 07:42:29 AEDT 2015 )

Excellent product recommended by my vet! Good value at Pet Circle.

Soko Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Tue Feb 03 17:59:11 AEDT 2015 )

Great product. Easy to use and administer. Covers an excellent range of cat sizes. I have a big 6kg cat and a petite 3kg cat, so both are covered. Have been using this product for years and never found my cats to have flea's tics or worms, so very effective.

dont have one Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Fri Feb 20 15:52:08 AEDT 2015 )

I love that I could set up a regular purchase, it saves me having to remember when to order.

Bohemiannic North Lambton, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Tue Jul 14 08:25:59 AEST 2015 )

I use Revolution on my three Maine Coon cats, they are indoor cats but do get supervised outdoor time on the weekends. Revolution keeps fleas at bay and is effective with worming. It is really no fuss treatment for my three, calendar is marked for treatment each month. Knowing that Revolution is also effective for heart worm is peace of mind for me. Would highly recommend this treatment to others.

Mandy89 (reviewed Fri Aug 21 20:25:34 AEST 2015 )

I have peace of mind using this product as it is not a scheduled poison. Also it doesn't leave a wet residue for days like other products!

hairlover60 Busby, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Wed Nov 11 09:30:26 AEDT 2015 )

good value for money and quick delivery will be back to buy more

Tarni21 Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Thu Nov 26 09:11:53 AEDT 2015 )

I brought from here and there r cheap the then big W $105

Grammy Frankston, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Thu Dec 10 16:40:35 AEDT 2015 )

We have 3 cats and there is nothing worse than seeing my furbabies scratch when they have fleas. Revolution is quick and painless to use and stops the fleas in their tracks turning cranky furbabies into purrfectly content and happy furbabies.

Crystal QLD (reviewed Wed Dec 16 19:35:00 AEDT 2015 )

Buy 6 get an extra for free is a great deal , much cheaper than buying from physical store

mandm null (reviewed Sat Dec 19 11:40:57 AEDT 2015 )

so nice to get extra tube great saving easy delivering

Barbaraann62 Somerville, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Sat Dec 26 12:09:56 AEDT 2015 )

I bought this product for my cat, it is a lot easier than tablets.

5 star rating 5
Based on 71 reviews