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Scrunch and Sticks Natural Tofu Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

Scrunch and Sticks Natural Tofu Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

Scrunch & Sticks Natural Tofu Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

With superior clumping ability, excellent absorbency, natural odour control and low tracking, Scrunch & Sticks Natural Tofu Pellet Clumping Cat Litter has been deemed the purrfect litter! This incredible litter is better for your cat, better for you, and better for the environment.

An eco-friendly solution. This eco friendly cat litter is made with natural soy pellets and is free of nasty chemicals. This plant based litter is 100% biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet or used in the garden as a beneficial compost and garden mulch. It is made without chemicals in a unique process involving oven kiln drying, to ensure a 12 to 24 months shelf life. Plus, soy is a sustainable solution - unlike other crops, the raw material is not necessarily drought affected. Soy Bean crops are incredibly resilient, and are commonly used as a drought breaking rotation crop.

The purrfect litter. Scrunch & Sticks Cat Litter manages to sit in the sweet spot all cat owners dream of - achieving optimal clumping ability, with zero tracking factor. While most clumping litters are made from extra fine granules which stick to your cats feet, and most large-pellet litters do not clump well at all, this litter manages to achieve the best of both worlds! It forms tight, firm clumps, yet pellets are large enough that they wont track on your kittys feet. AND all clumps can be flushed right down the toilet, making it extra convenient for indoor cats. Plus, this litter provides natural odour control through superior absorbency, reduced dust levels, and is less likely to upset sensitive little kitty noses compared to other litter types such as clay. It even has a faint natural barn scent, and is of course free from sickening artificial perfumes.

  • Environmentally friendly cat litter
  • 100% plant based, made from natural soy
  • Superior clumping ability
  • Larger pellet size means it wont track on your cats feet
  • Superior absorbency and natural odour control
  • Low dust, so wont upset cats with sensitive respiratory issues
  • 100% eco friendly and biodegradable. Also comes in recyclable paper packaging.
  • 5kg is equivalent to 12L

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Scrunch and Sticks Natural Tofu Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

  • Variety:Tofu Litter


Ingredients List

Soybean fibre and wheat starch

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