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Rocky Mountain Venison Salmon Taste of the Wild

4 star rating 21 reviews


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Product Information

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon

Taste of the Wild formulas are based on your cats ancestral diet to provide high quality, balanced nutrition that satisfies her instinctual cravings for natural ingredients.

This natural, grain free dry food is formulated using high quality ingredients including roasted venison and smoked salmon, as well as sweet potatoes and peas for highly digestible energy. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain is supplemented with high quality fruits and vegetables, including blueberries and raspberries to provide a natural source of antioxidants for immune support. With the addition of dried chicory root to promote the healthy digestion and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health, this formula will keep your cat healthy inside and out.

  • High quality, all natural, grain free nutrition
  • Formula includes roasted venison, smoked salmon sweet potato and peas
  • Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Dried chicory root to promote healthy digestion
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds and ages

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Chicken meal, peas, sweet potatoes, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), pea protein, potato protein, roasted venison, smoked salmon, ocean ?sh meal, minerals, dried chicory root, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, yucca schidigera extract.


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Reviews (21) 4 star rating

Sharon Nsw, Au (reviewed Fri Oct 28 21:26:48 AEDT 2016 )

My pussies love these bickies. I have four cats who all have different tastes but these bickies seem to satisfy them all.

Erin Vic, Au (reviewed Mon Feb 15 18:56:41 AEDT 2016 )

Excellent product that my cats love, and I love the fact that it has all the nutrients required so I don't need to worry! Their coats have also become extremely soft and healthy, would definitely recommend!

Mimsy & Waffles (reviewed Mon May 09 09:52:33 AEST 2016 )

My cats loved the other flavour (Smoked Salmon) so much I thought I'd try this one but they don't love it as much. They nibble a little then lose interest. I'd still recommend this product for cats that love meat-y taste, I think mine just prefer the fishy flavours so we'll stick to Taste of the Wild smoked salmon!

Meeka & Basil Nsw, Au (reviewed Mon Jul 04 11:49:43 AEST 2016 )

We just love these bikkies our owner buys for us!! She said that Pet Circle has the cheapest price on the Net for the best quality dry food. There's No Grain and very good for our health, and keeps our coats soft and shiny!

fatherofmax Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Thu Jun 06 08:42:53 AEST 2013 )

Good value product that our cat loves, yet does not overeat as he does with the regular "commercial" brands found in every supermarket aisle. Recommended!

TR59 Perth, Western Australia, Australia (reviewed Fri Jun 28 12:02:22 AEST 2013 )

My cat was vomiting about every 3rd day. I had him tested through a homeopath & he said that Malibu was wheat & mutton intolerant. He suggested I put him on grain free biscuits. Since he has been eating the Taste of the Wild biscuits he has rarely been sick. I am now happy that I don't have to clean up after him & I also have a happier cat.

Gore Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Fri Aug 09 10:38:12 AEST 2013 )

The cats love it and it keeps them fit no grains they look so healthy.

sera117 Adelaide, SA, Australia (reviewed Wed Nov 27 19:34:31 AEDT 2013 )

I feed my pets a raw diet but needed a kibble I could trust for their toy food dispensers. After extensive research via forums, reviews and checking out and looking up the ingredients I decided I was happy to try Taste Of The Wild. The cats love it (as do my pups the dog version) and all seems well, they are benefiting greatly from the mental stimulation of the puzzle food dispensers and their.. *ahem* litter tray contents are looking healthy ;)

bechee Campbelltown, South Australia, Australia (reviewed Sat Jan 18 08:54:16 AEDT 2014 )

The ingredients in this product are natural and healthy for my cats. It does cost slightly more than other brands, but quality is important to me, and this product fulfils the nutritional needs of my cats.

Angela Cairns, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Thu Jan 30 10:33:38 AEDT 2014 )

This bickie smells like what its suposed to be.  Plus it has all the Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace ellerments that my cats require in their diet.  All 3 of my Burmese like them, especially my Brown Tortie Girl.

sista137 null (reviewed Tue Jul 08 17:04:51 AEST 2014 )

My cat is fussy about his food but he loved this straight away and has continued to eat it with enthusiasm!

Nica Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Sun Aug 31 23:10:30 AEST 2014 )

I bought this product, wanting my cat to eat a more natural type of dry food. After having a taste, he then up and refused to eat anymore. Tried again a week later, nope. A few weeks, nope.

Joseph_C East Perth, Western Australia, Australia (reviewed Tue Oct 14 04:55:47 AEDT 2014 )

I love this Item. and My Ellie too!! She love this!! It is so Great!!

Newie Northern Rivers (reviewed Thu Jan 08 10:29:30 AEDT 2015 )

Ive done lots of research looking for a product that doesn't have grains and cereals in it and this is the best product. My dogs enjoy the dog kibble as well. Great work guys.

Guylian Werribee, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Sat Jan 10 00:12:32 AEDT 2015 )

My cats are eating this if their other brand kibble bowls are empty but they don't seem to like it very much.

Rangii QLD, Australia (reviewed Sat Jan 17 12:29:10 AEDT 2015 )

This was a great product, The Queen of the house very much enjoyed these biscuits! She comes running and meowing when ever her bowl is now empty!

Lue 28 NSW (reviewed Tue May 19 16:42:23 AEST 2015 )

I bought this product a month ago after the recommendation from a friend. At the moment I am integrating the food slowly into the previous food so change will be easier. Our cats seem to be enjoying it so fingers crossed all will be well.

LynH Crescent Head, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Sun Jul 26 10:42:42 AEST 2015 )

Unfortunately, not one of cats (and I have 10 + 3 foster cats) took much of an interest after the first day. After that I was throwing 95% of it away at the end of the day.

felicityann (reviewed Thu Sep 03 20:47:48 AEST 2015 )

I bought this for the first time a month ago and all my four burmese love it. So I am happy and will keep purchasing it.

RUMBO QLD (reviewed Sat Oct 24 10:12:54 AEDT 2015 )

I buy this product and other flavours for my Moodle dog who has a skin alergy, he cant have any grain, processed or food with additives. With this food he dosn't itch and lick his fur off anymore. This Taste Of The Wild is the only food that dosn't make him itch.

Mrs Liu Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Tue Nov 17 14:04:47 AEDT 2015 )

They used to love 'the taste of the wild', but when I got the parcel today, they don't seem to enjoy it anymore...but when I threw the food on the floor, they ate all of them...Maybe they just hate to eat in the bowls...

4 star rating 4
Based on 21 reviews