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Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Wormer Paste

Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Wormer Paste

Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Wormer Paste

Suitable for: all horses and ponies including pregnant and lactating mares, breeding stallions and foals over 6 weeks of age

Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Allwormer is a broad spectrum allwormer paste for ponies and horses that is ideal for use in a rotational worming strategy. It is effective against a wide range of parasites including susceptible small strongyles, roundworms, pinworms and hairworms. For a complete list of species covered please see below. The paste comes in an easy to use syringe with graduated dosing settings and has a pleasant taste to encourage acceptance.

  • Broad spectrum allwormer paste for horses
  • Effective against a wide range of parasites including susceptible small strongyles, roundworms, pinworms and hairworms
  • Also effective in treatment of summer sores caused by certain cutaneous larvae and microfilariae
  • Benzimidazole active ingredient plus praziquantel
  • Palatable paste in easy to use oral syringe
  • Best used as part of a strategic or rotational worming program

Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Allwormer Paste contains a benzimidazole class active ingredient (oxfendazole), and aids in the treatment and control of the following species: susceptible small strongyles, large strongyles (tissue stages of Strongylus edentatus, aids in the reduction of arterial lesions caused by migrating Strongylus vulgaris larvae), pinworms (adult and immature Oxyuris equi), roundworms (adult and immature Parascaris equorum), hairworms (adult and immature Trichostrongylus axei) and large mouth stomach worms ( adult Habronema muscae).

Directions: Paste may be given directly over the tongue or mixed into feed. Each division on the plunger contains 2.7g of paste, sufficient to treat 50kg of bodyweight. One syringe of Equinox will treat a 600kg horse.

Value Plus produce quality animal health products at a price everyone can afford. Their wide range of nutritional and performance supplements, first aid supplies, worming treatments and grooming products are used by leading stud farms and prestigious training facilities Australia wide.

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Did you know...

In combination with good pasture and herd management practices, a rotational worming strategy can help to combat the development of worm resistance to anthelminthic drugs and reduce the overall amount of worming treatments that are required. Rotational worming involves rotating the class of active ingredient in the wormer being used on an annual basis, most commonly rotating between a macrocylic lactone (mectin) product and a benzimadazole product. To determine a suitable worming strategy for your horse, talk to your equine veterinarian or ask a Pet Circle vet for more information.

Value Plus Equinox Orange Tube Wormer Paste

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