Christmas gift guide

LAST UPDATED 19 November 2021

This article is written by Pet Circle pets, Lando, Chino, Olive and Smudge.

Thinking it might be time to start some Christmas shopping? To give you some festive gift inspiration for your fur family, check out what's on some of the Pet Circle pets' Santa list and Christmas lunch menu this year.

- Lando -

Name: Breed: Age:
Lando English Staffy 7 Years
Sex: Interests: Naughty or Nice?
Male Neutered Chewing things into oblivion, fetch, walks, dog park plays Naughty, definitely naughty

Hi! I'm Lando, just your regular Staffy. I love long walks, chasing down balls at the dog park with my bro Jatz and chewing things. I really like chewing things... sometimes I get 'the chews' and just go into hyper destructo mode. Usually when Mum doesn't walk me enough. She gets upset when I chew things up but knows I can't help it. I've been in trouble a few times this year but I hope Santa still brings some presents for me!

Lando's Santa list

Fuzzyard Christmas Spirit Bow Tie

I like to look my best at all times - you never know when someone im-paw-tant is going to drop round.

Tasty Bone Trio Beef

Great for when I get 'the chews'! These even keep their taste when my pesky brother buries them in the yard for a few weeks.

Fuzzyard Christmas Kana the Koala

I might look tough but sometimes it's nice to snuggle up with a fluffy friend (and maybe give her some gentle nibbles...)

ChuckIt Sport Launcher 30cm

Two paws up! I love fetch at the dog park and this thrower thing makes it easier for my humans to throw the ball further.

Lando's Christmas lunch menu

I like to indulge myself but include some healthy foods too! I'll start things off with a few nibbles, like Bell and Bone Carob and Ginger Superfood Treats followed with a tasty and healthy meal of Royal Canin Medium Adult Dry Food. I'll wash it down with some Royal Canin Medium Adult Wet Pouches and finish off with a sweet treat!

- Chino -

Name: Breed: Age:
Chino Whippet 6 Years
Sex: Interests: Naughty or Nice?
Male Neutered Chasing birds, sleeping in the sun and getting neck scratches Mostly nice with a sprinkling of naughty…

Hi I'm Chino. I'm not a dog, I'm a whippet (that means the family bed and couch are MY domain). I love doing zoomies around the oval followed by a short five hour nap in the sunshine, as well as playing bitey face with my whippet brother, Zac. I occasionally get anxious and chew things when I'm left alone but I'm generally an angel - more presents for me please!

Chino's Santa list

Kazoo Jumper Greyhound Knit

With a body fat percentage of 0%, I feel the cold and need to be swaddled if there is a slight breeze outside.


Ideal for distracting me when mum clips my nails! My favourite toppings are doggy-friendly peanut butter, sweet potato and yoghurt.

Zippypaws Holiday Zippy Burrow

I plan to hide these little squeaky gingerbread people in my bed, the garden - basically anywhere but their gingerbread house.

Playology Squeaky Chew Beef Ball

I love a good ball chase - even better when the ball is scented with beef and squeaks!

Chino's Christmas lunch menu

My mum says I can't overindulge this year as I have a sensitive tummy, but I will chew on a Greenie to keep my breath fresh for kisses under the mistletoe. I'll do somersaults for some carob buttons following a healthy meal of Advance Medium Adult dry food and totally delicious Ziwi Peak Tripe canned food *chefs kiss*.

Amuse Bouche

Greenies Dog Treats

- Olive -

Name: Breed: Age:
Olive Domestic Shorthair 9 months
Sex: Interests: Naughty or Nice?
Female Neutered Attacking my brother Buddha, knocking things over, being silly 100% naughty

Hello I'm Olive, professional meow-del but I don't like to mention it. With my very first Christmas coming up, my priority will be to destroy explore the tree and all it's decorations - but I will deign to play with any toys my human slave gets for me. And nibble on some delicious treats of course…

Olive's Santa list

The Curious Cat Box

I simply can't be expected to choose only four presents, which is why I've included this variety toy and treat box on my wishlist.

Cheerble Wickedball Wool

Being a highly active kitten I need an outlet to use up my excess energy, particularly between the hours of 2 - 4 am.

Afp Christmas Reindeer Wand

I can't resist ANY teaser toy, they drive me wild!

Paws for Life Cactus Scratcher

Got to keep these nails purrrrfectly groomed and manicured - and for some reason my human abhors me using their furniture for this purpose.

Olive's Christmas lunch menu

Only the finest grade premium kitten food for me, thank you! I'll start with an amuse bouche of Ziwi Peak Provenance wet food, followed by Hills Science Kitten dry with a side of Hills Kitten wet food. I don't really have a sweet tooth so I'll finish off by nibbling on some tuna-flavoured Greenies - purrfection.

- Smudge -

Name: Breed: Age:
Smudge Ragdoll 10 Years
Sex: Interests: Naughty or Nice?:
Female Spayed Snoozing in the daytime, zooming in the nighttime I won't dignify that with a response

Hello, human peasants. My name is Smudge, although I like to refer to myself as "Queen Smudge" or simply "Her Royal Highness". This Christmas, I am fully anticipating to get royally spoiled - just as I deserve!

I have compiled a Wish List which I wholly hope, nay expect, to be fulfilled in its entirety. On my list are the most delightful treats (yum!), the most exciting toys (purrfect for throwing around at 2am!), and the most scumptious Chistmas feast fit for a Queen (of course!).

Smudge's Santa List

Catit Senses Super Circuit

Ideal for playful indoor cats, the Catit Senses Super Circuit is interactive and will keep any bouncy cat entertained for hours.

Kong Holiday Crackles Christmas Tree

With catnip and crinkle sounds, this miniature Christmas tree is great for rolling, kicking, stalking, pouncing and clawing.

Paws for Life Cat Scratching Radio

A house can never have too much cat scratchers, right? This radio is also perfect for hiding away and tuning out the human chatter.

Catit Flower Water Fountain

This fountain is not only adorable but provides fresh filtered water, which can encourage kitties to drink more and stay hydrated in Summer.

Smudge's Christmas Lunch Menu

While the humans are off being noisy and annoying with their Christmas lunch, I shall request a feast of my own, thank you very much. No human food for me; the thought of leftover-ham-induced diarrhoea on Boxing Day is far too undignified. (No, thank you!).

Ergo, I have formulated the perfect 4-course Christmas Day feline feast. I shall begin with hors d'oeuvres of crispy free range fish skins, then move onto an elegant appetizer of gourmet kangaroo tenders, a plat du jour of Royal Canin biscuits (full of flavour but lower in calories as I'm watching my waistline these days), and finish up with a decadent creamy mousse appetif. (No doubt my human servant will space these out in small portions throughout the day, to avoid tummy upsets. She can be irritating like that.)

Hor d'oeuvres

Zeal Fish Skins

Plat du jour

Royal Canin Indoor Cat