Basic Commands Part 3 - Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Once your dog has mastered 'drop', you can progress to teaching him 'roll over'. As well as being a neat trick, 'roll over' can be useful if you, the groomer or the vet need to get a look at your dog's belly.

Step 1

Begin by placing your dog in the 'drop' position. Hold a treat near his nose to capture his attention.

Step 2

Slowly lure the treat in a C-shape from your dog's nose over one of his shoulders. As his nose moves towards his shoulder he should naturally cause him to flop onto his side. Immediately capture this with the clicker or a 'yes' and reward your dog with the treat.

Step 3

After a few goes, repeat step 2 but continue to lure your dog right over onto his other side. Once again when he performs the behaviour you are after, immediately capture it with the clicker or praise word and reward.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 until your dog is responding readily to the luring gestures. Start to say the command 'roll over' at the same time as using the gesture. After some practice, you should be able to eventually drop the luring gesture altogether and just use the verbal command.

Posted by Dr Teagan Lever

When Teagan's not busy sharing her knowledge of all things pets as Pet Circle's resident vet, she is the human companion of two intense English staffies and a three-legged cat named Steve.

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