Basic Commands Part 4 - Teach Your Dog to Shake Paws

Now you and your dog have mastered 'sit', 'drop' and 'roll over', it is time to move onto 'shake'.

Teaching your dog to shake paws is useful to get him used to having you handle his feet and can come in handy when you want to trim his nails.

Step 1

Ask your dog to sit. Hold his attention with a treat.

Step 2

Hold the treat inside your closed fist about 5cm above the ground. Your dog will most likely lift a foot and paw at your fist. When he does this immediately capture the behaviour with the clicker or 'yes' and reward him with the treat.

Step 3

Once your dog is lifting his foot readily to reach the treat, have your other hand out ready to catch his paw and 'shake' it. Again, capture the behaviour and reward him immediately when he does this.

Step 4

When your dog is starting to get the hang of it, begin to add in the command word 'shake'. After plenty of practice, start to phase out the treat so that it is only given intermittently.

Posted by Dr Teagan Lever

When Teagan's not busy sharing her knowledge of all things pets as Pet Circle's resident vet, she is the human companion of two intense English staffies and a three-legged cat named Steve.

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