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Adaptil Diffuser Set

3 star rating 4 reviews

In stock

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Customer Reviews

3 star rating 3 Based on 4 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    Purchased last week, plugged in and so far no change at all. Will continue to use but really dont have much faith.

  • Reviewed

    I have tried this product on my near 3year old dog and I feel it hasn't worked, I will try it out for 1 more month and hope that it works this time. Regards, Julie PS. I will do another review next month, hopefull it will be more positive.

  • Reviewed

    One of my dogs got increasingly anxious during our move and each day would 'unpack' (shred) our packed boxes while we were at work. We did some research, bought the diffuser and witnessed an overnight change in his personality. Harry became much calmer, stopped destroying boxes during the day and would often opt to snooze alone in the room with the diffuser in it which was quite unusual but not undesirable. We used the diffuser in our new home and were very happy with how both dogs settled. My other dog who was unfazed by the packed boxes did not seem affected by the diffuser at all.

  • Reviewed

    So far, it has the desired effect we were hoping for. Big test coming up with change in weather this week