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Catmate Wood Pellet Cat Litter

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5 star rating 5 Based on 34 reviewers recommend this product

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  • Reviewed

    I've only ever used this product but it works well. Hardly any smell when combined with anti smell powder. Lasts about 2 weeks then needs changing for me. The good thing is you don't need much because the litter expands a lot once used. Very easy to see where cat has peed. Finding poop is more difficult as the litter sticks very well to it and camoflauges it ??. I don't smell cat litter/poop when I walk in the house.

  • Reviewed

    BEST wood pellet litter that I've ever used so far with good odour control and liquid absorption. The colour is light which makes it much easier to recognise cats' poo in it (the other brand is dark). The breakdowns are not damp at all so it never has awful smell. Happy to use it and recommend it.

  • Reviewed

    This is a great litter with good odour control the best I have found and I have tried them all

  • Reviewed

    This product is amazing! I used to use clumping clay cat litter, but a) it was getting absolutely everywhere b) it smelled bad c) it was getting expensive. This litter solved the problem! I switched to a sift tray system. Originally I was hesitant due to how expensive the initial tray was, but I saved a lot on the long run. Not only is this brand of litter very cheap, but it also lasts longer, is less maintenance & works better than the Oz Pet brand because it breaks down easily. Just a warning, this will not work with normal pet litter trays, since it turns into sawdust after the cat urinates in it. another perk is you no longer have to clean out the entire tray because every time the cat pees, it is essentially using new cat litter which is better for both the cat and the human! Thank you pet circle!