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Cheerble Wicked Mouse Apricot


CHEERBLE Wicked Mouse Apricot

The Cheerble Wicked Mouse Apricot is a bionic-inspired toy designed to mimic the fast-moving antics of a real mouse, captivating your cats attention with a colorful apricot-hued, blinking tail. This intelligent toy is meticulously crafted to encourage your feline friends natural hunting instincts and provide endless hours of fun.

  • Propels itself with bionic motion technology
  • Colorful, blinking tail to capture feline interest
  • Equipped with self-balancing wheels for uninterrupted play
  • Automated 30-minute play sessions for safe engagement
  • USB rechargeable battery for continued fun
  • Made with premium, cat-safe TPU material
  • Session Duration: 30 minutes automated play
  • Battery: USB rechargeable (charging cable included)
  • Composition: Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Suitable for cats of different life stages
  • Perfect for stimulating indoor activity and exercise
  • Play under adult pet supervision recommended
  • Periodically inspect the toy for any damage
Discover More

For the well-being of your pet, supervise playtime with the Cheerble Wicked Mouse Apricot and routinely check for any damage to prevent choking hazards. For those who seek modern and dynamic play options for cats, discover our tech-toy range here. Additionally, you can find a variety of stimulating interactive playthings in our interactive toy collection. And if you want professional advice on pet care, our Pet Circle Vet service is always available for support.

About the Brand

Cheerble is a pioneer brand that intelligently blends technology with pet playtime essentials to enhance the lifestyle of pets and their parents. Their passion for innovative design is showcased in their bionic motion cat toys, with the Cheerble Wicked Mouse Apricot illustrating their commitment to stimulating play. Explore the Cheerble brand here to learn more.

Cheerble Wicked Mouse Apricot

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