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Feline Natural Lamb And Salmon Freeze Dried Cat Food

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  • Reviewed

    After my cat got used to the new texture of this food she now looks expectantly at her bowl if this isn't in there. My cat refuses to eat this when it has liquid added, but loves it added to her dry food mix. I use this for treats also, she didn't like the treats in the same range just this topper. My only gripe with this product is how much dusty debris is at the bottom of the bag, fine if you are mixing with water but by itself on top of dry food the texture can get a bit fine.

  • Reviewed

    My Siamese & Oriental go crazy for this product. I use it as an in between meal or snack. I add water to it as suggested on the directions, then use a fork to crush the mixture into the water.

  • Reviewed

    My 10 mth old Siamese cat just loves this. I add a spoonful to her morning canned food, mixing it through well. She can't get enough of it. And wow, does she protest (in her very vocal Siamese way) if there is no topper on her breakfast! A new staple in her diet.

  • Reviewed

    Excellent. my cats loved it they took a while to get used to it...but then it was looked for even liking it dry...Sadly I brought ten bags when we moved over in January .But it was all confiscated at the border..my Cats were the looser's while their cats were no doubt well fed...unfair as its not cheap...