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Kazoo Hair Dematter Coarse

Kazoo Hair Dematter Coarse

Grooming is a special time for you to bond with your dog. Regular combing will help to remove and check for knots, align the coat for clipping and make your dog feel more comfortable, happy and content.

The Fine Hair Dematter is specially designed to remove matted, tangled hair without loosing coat length. The sharpened edges of the blades easily cuts through mats and split the mat into sections allowing to brush out comfortably. Dematting tool is available for both coarse and fine hair.


It is important to highlight that a Dematter tool is a cutting instrument with a series of sharp blades, and needs to be used with due care. It is not recommended that children use the Dematter tool as it needs to be used slowly, decisively and carefully. It is sharp, and the saw-shaped blades are designed to cut.

Mats in a coat should not be attempted to be combed out using a regular grooming comb. This can be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog due to the amount of hair pulling involved.

The Kazoo Dematter tool should be used to saw through the mat in small sections. Do not try to remove or cut through large mats in one go. Gently start from one end of the mat using a sawing action, penetrating the mat from underneath.

You dog needs to know you are in control, and it is important to reassure your dog with positive actions and rewards. This will help to build confidence in your dog and strengthen your relationship and bond.

If the coat is heavily knotted and matted we suggest you take your dog to a professional groomer for assessment.

Available in Green and Grey Colours. Dimension:
Fine (199L x 123W x 55D mm)
Coarse (166L x 55W x 45D mm)

Kazoo Hair Dematter Coarse

  • Variety:Brushes and Combs
  • Pet:Dog

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