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Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Pond Pellet Mini

5.0 star rating 1 reviews

OCEAN FREE Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Pond Pellet Mini

Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Pond Mini Pellets cater to the discerning Koi keeper, coupling advanced nutrition with color enhancement. These expertly crafted floating mini pellets deliver a harmonious blend of nature and science for your ponds aquatic stars.

  • Scientifically formulated to intensify Koi coloration
  • Utilizes high-quality spirulina and krill meal for health and vibrancy
  • Floating pellet design prevents overfeeding and keeps ponds clean
  • Optimized for premium digestion and absorption, supporting Koi health
  • Enhanced with robust immune boosting ingredients
  • Ingredient sustainability and scientific backing ensure top-tier quality
  • Feed type: Floating mini pellets
  • Pellet size: Designed for all Koi sizes, 2.5 to 4.0mm diameter
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Suitable for Koi across all life stages
  • Maintain optimum health by feeding the consumable amount in 5 minutes
  • Contributes to a cleaner pond environment, reducing maintenance
About the Brand

Ocean Free stands at the pinnacle of aquatic pet nutrition, pioneering products with a foundation in science and a love for aquatic life. The brands commitment to excellence shines through its use of high-quality ingredients that not only meet but exceed the dietary requirements of fish. Ocean Free promises a life of vibrancy and vitality for your Koi, ensuring they flourish in their pond paradise.

Ocean Free Kirameki Premium Spirulina Koi Pond Pellet Mini

  • Variety:Koi and Pond Fish Food

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5.0 star rating 1 Review
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