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This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr Carla Paszkowski, BVSc

Ever wondered where your pet's food is made?

Over 90% of Australian pet parents prefer to buy locally-made products, so it can cause a lot of frustration when the place of manufacture isn't clear. There are plenty of benefits to buying Aussie-made products - not only does it benefit our local economy, but it is much more environmentally sustainable too.

To help you choose the best Aussie made products for your best mate, our Aussie Vets have put together this useful guide.

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Our top Aussie made pet brands include:

Instinctive Bite

Instinctive Bite is completely Australian owned and made right out of New South Wales. Each Instinctive Bite recipe is designed with a minimum 50% meat content to nourish your dog's carnivorous side - and all meat and vegetables are sourced from Australia.

Plus, beneficial ingredients such as yucca extract and chicory root inulin are included in each recipe, to provide beneficial fibre and a prebiotic boost. It's also complete and balaned in accordance with international and AAFCO feeding guidelines, to keep your vet happy too!

While all formulas are free from wheat, soy, and corn, Instinctive Bite prides itself on providing both original with brown rice AND completely grain-free varieties. Unlike other natural brands who provide only grain-free options, they understand that just as a gluten-free diet isn't necessarily best for every human, a grain-free diet isn't necessarily best for every dog. Within their range you can find balanced diets for puppies, including large breed-specific diets, as well as adult varieties for large dogs and all breeds.

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Nature's Cuts

Aussie pet treats company, Nature's Cuts, deliver to your dog and cat simple, honest raw treats with nothing artificial added. Many of Nature's Cuts treats are great for keeping dogs occupied for extended periods of time, with marrow-filled goat horn, chewy pigs ears and chunky beef bones all available for their enjoyment.

Furthermore, many of their treats have some hidden benefits, like the enriching omega fatty acids found within their tasty salmon chews!

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Advance pet food is made right here in Australia, in state-of-the-art facilities in Bathurst and Wodonga, NSW. Advance produces a wide range of top-tier diets for cats and dogs, with all nutrition crafted on the scientific research from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition. This ensures strict quality control, balanced recipes, and optimal nutrition for your pets.

Designed specifically with the harsh Australian climate in mind, Advance has a wide range of wet and dry formulas to suit dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

Black Hawk

If you have a keen eye for high-quality ingredients and a balanced, holistic approach to pet nutrition, you'll love Black Hawk. Black Hawk is a part of the Masterpet family of brands. Masterpet is proudly an Australian/New Zealand business, owned by the EBOS group and listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges.

As one of the best-selling natural foods on the market, Black Hawk food is all manufactured in rural New South Wales. The recipes use premium meats, grains, fresh vegetables, pulses and fruits, as well as delicious and nutritious herbs, vitamins and minerals. In fact, every ingredient counts. Whether you're after wet or dry food for your dog or your cat, an original recipe or one free from grains, Black Hawk has you covered.

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Ivory Coat

Ivory Coat is an Australian owned company who make Australian made natural food for dogs and cats. In all of their premium recipes, Australian locally-sourced meat is the number 1 ingredient.

With options for dogs and cats of every size, age and breed, all of Ivory Coat's dry and wet products offer complete and balanced nutrition.

In addition to their manufacturing commitment to Australian Farmers, they also donate $1.00 from every 8kg bag of Australian Natural Health to the charity Aussie Helpers, who provide financial support for farming families in tough times.

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Savourlife is an family-owned, Australian company which produces Australian made natural treats and food for dogs.

All recipes are wholesome, natural, and healthy. With varieties available for puppies, adult dogs, and weight control, Savourlife has an option for every dog. They also provide a wide range of novel and single protein formulas, which are perfect for dogs with allergies or a suspected food intollerence.

Savourlife also donate an incredible 50% of profits to small Australian pet rescue organisations. They aim to raise awareness for rescue dogs and provide a 'see who you helped' service which allows you to see which shelter dogs your purchase has helped support.

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Proudly made in Sydney, Vetalogia Naturals produces premium pet food, treats and health products for cats and dogs. The range was originally designed by two pharmacist brothers who sought a soothing pet food blend for their beloved dog, Murphy.

With two lines of pet food available including a super premium Biologically Appropriate range, all recipes are delicately cooked in small batches with no outsourcing. Their wide range of supplements and treats is incredibly popular, with everything from calming supplements to hemp-based treats. So not only is it Aussie: all of their products are wonderful for your pet's wellbeing!

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