Dog Food Storage Containers

Dog Food Storage Containers


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Keep it secret, keep it safe...and fresh

It's pretty darn annoying when you buy your furry friend a big ol' bag of delicious dog food, and then have nowhere to store the huge bag after opening. Or worse: ants or some other critter make their way into the bag! ARGH! And what about cans of wet dog food? Luckily we've got the fix to your food storage dilemmas.

Dog food can covers - a quick and tidy solution

We're all wasting enough plastic in the instead of clingwrap, try a self-seal suction lid to close up open cans of dog food. Feeding your dog dry food? Try keeping it fresh in its bag for longer with a dog food bag clip.

Other accessories for feeding time

Aside from dog food storage containers, you can also consider other accessories for your dog's feeding time, such as a silicone feeding mat from Fuzzyard or Gummi, to keep your floor tidy during mealtimes. Top it all off with the perfect dog food bowl and your pooch will have the perfect dining set up!

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