Dog Bark Control

Dog Bark Control


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How do I stop my dog from barking?

Excessive barking is a common and frustrating problem for many dog owners. While a proper foundation of obedience training should always be the first step, if you are unable to get a complete resolution with obedience training alone, barking collars and anit-bark devices are a good tool to use to help you get resolution. It is important to note that dogs often bark due to an primary issue like anxiety; so it is paramount to fix any underlying issues and only rely on anti-bark devices as an extra aid.

Many people recoil at the thought of an anti-bark device, as they immediately picture harsh electric shock-giving collars.

Luckily, there are many gentle, non-electric collars available now which either use citronella spray, a gentle vibration, or ultrasonic noises. There are even ultrasonic speakers which can be placed around the home and detect your dog’s bark without the use of a collar.

What are the options of anti-bark products? And how do the different barking collars work?

Vibration Collars

These work by sensing the vibration of the dog’s vocal chords as well as the sound of the dog’s bark, which means they won’t activate from another dog’s bark. When activated, a strong vibration is elicited from a plastic probe on the dog’s neck to distract the dog. This is non-painful, less invasive and much gentler than an electric barking collar, and works best for timid dogs or young pups.

Citronella Spray Collars

These collars also only respond to a combination of the sound and the vibration of a dog’s bark, ensuring that only the dog wearing the collar can activate it. When activated, a fine mist of citronella spray is emitted near the dog’s face. While harmless, dogs find the citronella lemon smell unpleasant so will soon learn to associate barking with unpleasant stimuli.

Ultrasonic Noise Makers

Ultrasonic bark deterrent devices are available as a collar or as stationary speakers which can be placed throughout the house or outside. A microphone detects the barking sound and immediately emits a piercing high pitched ultrasonic noise which is inaudible to most humans, and harmless yet annoying to your dog.