The Catsentials Cat Furniture

The Catsentials Cat Furniture


The Catsentials Cat Furniture products have an average rating of 4.3 / 5.0 from 14 reviews

Give your cat a place to call their own

Cat furniture is a great way to keep cats stimulated, their nails trim (most cat furniture incorporates sisal cat scratching posts), and to help them feel at home. Cats are generally curious creatures, and will also love a place to curl up and sleep, or just get away from it all. Alternatively, they'll jump to the highest post and keep a lookout around the house.

The Catsentials - exclusive to Pet Circle

The Catsentials cat furniture caters to all sorts of kitties - from those who simply have an itch to scratch, to the spoiled sort that need multiple levels, with places to both play and sleep. These high-quality cat furniture pieces are easy to assemble (we checked!), especially the classic cat scratching pole, and offer interactive cat toys including pom poms. The exceptional Cat Tree Condo also includes a snug den in which your cat can take some time out.

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