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This article is written by Pet Circle's qualified veterinarian, Dr. Carla Paszkowski BVSc (Hons) and was last updated by Dr. Jacqui Victor BVSc MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats)

Cat fur on your clothes may be the 'uniform of a true cat lover', but it is generally regarded as one of the least appealing parts of cat ownership. No doubt you know that your cat needs regular brushing in order to keep their shedding under control (and also to keep them looking sleek and prim, of course!) - but which cat brush is best? With so many different varieties on the market, it can be hard to navigate and find the most suitable one for you.

We've done the hard work for you. Read on for our complete low-down of the 6 different types of cat brushes, and see our TOP PICK for each.

Four factors to consider when choosing a cat brush:
  1. Hair length: Short haired cats have a smooth outer coat of guard hairs and a fine undercoat of soft hairs, and benefit most from a bristle brush, rubber brush or deshedding brush. Meanwhile, long haired cats have a very fine outer coat that may tangle easily, and benefit from a wide tooth metal comb or deshedding brush.
  2. Age: Senior cats tend to be less efficient at regular grooming, and can be exacerbated by certain conditions such as arthritis, hyperthyroidism and dental disease. Using a gentle rubber brush like the KONG Zoom Groom will be more comfortable for your senior kitty whilst helping to keep their skin and coat looking great. Rubber brushes are also a great way to introduce your kitten to grooming.
  3. Hairballs: For cats who experience hairballs, make sure to brush them daily to help reduce the amount of hair that can potentially be ingested during self-grooming. Use a bristle brush or deshedding brush if your kitty is prone to hairballs as these remove the most fur.
  4. Comfort: For many cats, grooming time is an enjoyable time as it feels like a massage. To find out which brush your cat finds most comfortable, you may have to try a few different ones out. As a starting point, try gentler ones like a rubber brush and glove brush as these are great for sensitive cats. Otherwise, bristle brushes are a great all-rounder.


  1. Best Bristle Brush: Style It Cat Brush
  2. Best Deshedding Brush: The Furminator
  3. Best Slicker Brush: Paws For Life Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
  4. Best Rubber Massage Brush: KONG Cat Zoom Groom
  5. Best Glove Brush: Pawise Grooming Glove
  6. Best Cat Comb: Kazoo Cat Comb
  7. How We Review Our Products

    Our Pet Circle Vet Squad comprises 30 vets with over 120 years of collective, independent veterinary expertise. Our Vet team use their health and husbandry knowledge, along with their own personal and clinical experiences to evaluate each product and provide detailed, informative reviews, free of any commercial bias. We then collate this information into our 'best of' recommendations.

    Top Brushes for Cats in Australia

    Best Bristle Brush: Style It Cat Brush


    • Soft bristles make it perfect for sensitive cats
    • Great general brush to introduce your cat to grooming
    • Reduces loose fur and enhances coat shine with regular use
    • Comfortable ergonomic handle for easy use
    • Cost-effective


    • Does not remove as much fur compared to other brushes
    • May not be sufficient for long-haired cats that have tangles or matts

    Bristle brushes generally contain plastic bristles and can be used for most coat types. Bristle brushes are available in variations of size, shape, and bristle toughness. Soft bristles are generally well tolerated by cats, and they can have a massaging effect.

    The Style It Cat Brush ensures an effective grooming experience for your feline friend, promoting a polished and tangle-free coat. It features soft nylon bristles for comfortable and stress free grooming.

    What our customers say: "I wanted to get a softer brush as my cat dislikes brushing in general, especially with the slicker brush. She loves this and never hisses at me! Leaves her coat very soft and shiny."

    What our vets say: "I recommend the Style It Cat Brush because the comfortable soft bristles are perfect for removing loose hair from all kitty coat types which is so important for preventing hairballs. The rounded brush head and ergonomic handle make grooming sessions an enjoyable bonding experience for you and your feline friends." - Dr. Maree

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    Best Deshedding Brush: The Furminator


    • Great choice for cats that shed a lot or experience hairballs, as well as double-coated breeds
    • Superior fur removal compared to other brushes
    • FURejector™ button releases hair with ease
    • Curved edge glides over skin, preventing digging in at edges, and conforms to your pet's natural build and shape
    • Solid construction with ergonomic handle, designed for comfortable, easy grooming
    • Available in short and long-hair varieties


    • May not be the best option for introducing your cat to brushing
    • Can be too harsh for senior cats and kittens
    • More expensive than other brushes

    Deshedding brushes are excellent for reducing bulk hair without comprimising on length. They work by using a bristle-blade combination to selectively de-shed the undercoat and loose hair, without cutting or damaging the top coat. They are available in different sizes and for a range of coat lengths.

    The most famous deshedding brush is the Furminator, as this was the first to pioneer under-coat rake technology. The Furminator reduces loose hair from shedding by up to 90% with regular use. It is specially designed to reach through the topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat without damaging the coat or cutting the skin.

    What our customers say: "My cat loves being brushed, and that's always helped keep her fur in check, but nothing I've tried has been this good! Using this regularly has really helped reduce her hairballs and shedding"

    What our vets say: "The Furminator is my go-to deshedding brush. My cat loves it so much that she will even come up to me wanting to be brushed! It's easy to use and clean, and there are a range of options available to suit different sizes and coat lengths. These different designs mean that it's perfectly tailored for your cat, which makes brushing easier, more effective and less stressful for everyone involved! It's a great way to reduce loose fur and thick undercoat in the warmer months." - Dr. Katelyn

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    Best Slicker Brush: Paws For Life Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


    • Gently removes dead and loose hair from the topcoat leaving fur looking healthy and shiny
    • Helps tease out tangles and reduces matting
    • One-click self-cleaning mechanism simplifies brush maintenance
    • Ergonomic handle designed for a soft and comfortable grip


    • May not be the best option for introducing your cat to brushing
    • Can be too harsh for senior cats and kittens

    Slicker brushes contain a large quantity of pin-like, fine, metal teeth situated on a flat head. The pins on slicker brushes are quite sharp, so brushing should be gentle as to avoid scratch the skin. They should not be used on the face, especially near the eyes.

    The Paws for Life Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is designed for effortless detangling and coat maintenance. Its self-cleaning feature offers unparalleled convenience for pet owners.

    What our customers say: "The best brush I have found for short hair cat fur removal post winter shedding."

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    Best Rubber Massage Brush: KONG Cat Zoom Groom


    • Flexible and gentle rubber design provides massaging comfort during grooming
    • Massage action stimulates circulation and natural oil production to support healthy skin and a shiny coat
    • Great beginner brush for introducing your kitten or cat to grooming
    • Gentle, rubber bristles make it a good choice for senior cats
    • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use
    • Suitable for kittens, adults and seniors


    • Does not remove as much fur compared to other brushes
    • Not the most effective method for removing matts

    Massaging rubber brushes are the ultimate beginner's tool. Virtually all cats love being brushed by the soft rubber or silicon brushes and it is great as an introductory brush to get them used to grooming. The rubber pegs stimulate the capillaries promoting blood flow for a healthier skin and coat.

    The KONG Cat Zoom Groom massages and grooms at the same time. It features gentle, flexible bristles on one side which act as a magnet for loose hairs, as well as a fun cat design on the other side.

    What our customers say: "My cat loves being brushed with Zoom. Our vet recommended it. The hair gets caught in the rubbery spikes rather than going everywhere. It is not hard to clean the brush. If I do a bit each day, it will help with the hairballs"

    What our vets say: "I love using the Kong Zoom Groom for my cats as it not only removes their loose hair but it gives them a massage that they actually enjoy! It works well on cats with different coat lengths and it's really easy to clean after use." - Dr. Angie

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    Best Glove Brush: Pawise Grooming Glove


    • Useful for cats that don't tolerate brushing
    • Removes loose hairs and reduces shedding
    • Helps massage the skin and improve blood circulation
    • Great beginner tool for introducing your cat to grooming


    • Does not remove as much fur compared to other brushes
    • Not the most effective method for removing matts

    Grooming gloves are incredibly popular with cats that don't like being brushed. As far as your kitty is concerned, they are just receiving an extremely luxurious pat from their human - they'll never know!

    The Pawise Grooming Glove easily removes loose pet hair, and the loose fur sticks to the silicone side being easily removed as one piece from glove. It also provides your cat with a gentle massage!

    What our customers say: "Much more effective than normal brush when dealing with shedding, one size fits all, surface covered with 1 cm long rubber spikes."

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    Best Cat Comb: Kazoo Cat Comb


    • Pioneering technology to reduce knotting and tangling
    • Regular use enhances coat shine and skin circulation
    • Strong and durable with extra grip handle
    • Useful as a face comb for tidying up araound the eyes, ears and chin


    • Does not remove as much fur compared to other brushes
    • Better as a finishing tool or for detangling knots, rather than an all-round brush
    • Not the best option for introducing your cat to brushing

    Combs are typically designed with sturdy metal spokes and help to detangle knots and stubborn matts, particularly in long-haired breeds. They are great for brushing tangles out of long fur on the tail and around the neck.

    The Kazoo Cat Comb is great for teasing out knot clusters, removing loose hair and getting the coat tangle-free and glossy.

    What our customers say: "My cat loves being groomed. She gets knots under her arms sometimes. This product was gentle and perfect at getting them out. Very happy with this buy."

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    What to Consider When Brushing Your Cat

    When To Start Brushing

    The best time to start getting your cat accustomed to grooming is when they are a kitten. Many owners will start with a softer brush such as a rubber brush or bristle brush, and make sure to be gentle when using it and avoid excessive pulling on tangles. Start by gently using the brush for very short periods of time so that they get used to the sensation, then gradually work up to longer grooming sessions. Try to initiate the session when they are calm and restful, such as when they are asleep on your lap. When you have finished grooming, give them plenty of praise and maybe a treat too! Never forcibly brush your cat as this will result in them resenting being groomed.

    Frequency of Brushing

    Brushing once a week is sufficient for most short haired cats, whilst long-haired cats would benefit from daily grooming. Cats who suffer from hairballs will benefit from daily brushing, particularly during shedding periods.

    How to Deal with Matts

    If you encounter a matt, gently tease it apart with your fingers, never yank or pull at them. Avoid the temptation to cut matts with scissors as it is very difficult to tell where the fur eneds and the skin starts, and it is extremely easy to accidnetally cut your cat's skin. For this reason, clippers are recommended instead of scissors. If the tangle is severe then it is recommended to seek professional care from a groomer or veterinarian.

    Benefits of Brushing

    Benefits of regular grooming include hairball reduction due to removal of loose hairs, improved muscle tone, stimulation of oil production by the skin to promote a shiny coat, as well as strengthening the bond between you and your feline friend.

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