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This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr. Carla Paszkowski, BVSc (Hons)

Cat fur on your clothes may be the 'uniform of a true cat lover', but it is generally regarded as one of the least appealing parts of cat ownership. No doubt you know that your cat needs regular brushing in order to keep their shedding under control (and also to keep them looking sleek and prim, of course!) - but which cat brush is best? With so many different varieties on the market, it can be hard to navigate and find the most suitable one for you.

We've done the hard work for you. Read on for our complete low-down of the 7 different types of cat brushes, and see our TOP PICK for each.

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1. Bristle Brushes

2. Deshedding Brushes

3. Slicker Brushes

4. Rubber Massage Brushes

5. Glove Brushes

6. Undercoat Rakes

7. Flea combs

Plastic bristle brushes

Bristle brushes generally contain plastic bristles and can be used for most coat types. Bristle brushes are available in variations of size, shape, and bristle toughness. Soft bristles are generally well tolerated by cats, and they can have a massaging effect.

Useful for: Removing loose fur, polishing, and creating shine. Great for cats with short, smooth coats. Long haired breeds also benefit from the bristle brush but the proximity between bristles should be greater and the bristle length longer.

Tip: Rub a bristle brush over a rug or carpet in concentric circles to remove difficult-to-vacuum cat hairs.

Top recommended bristle brushes:

Style It Cat Brush

This soft bristle brush can be used to polish, shine and neaten your cats coat. Featuring soft nylon bristles for comfortable stress free grooming, this brush is also great for stress relief and bonding with your cat.

Kazoo Soft Cat Brush

The Kazoo Cat Brush can be used to polish, shine and align your cats coat. Featuring soft nylon bristles for comfortable stress free grooming.

Style It Double Sided Brush

The Style It Double Sided Brush combines two tools into one. The pin side helps tease out light tangles and mats. This ensures the coat is maintained and manageable, whilst also removing dirt and loose hair. The bristle side delivers a shiny top coat condition when used daily. .

Deshedding brushes

Deshedding brushes are excellent for reducing bulk hair without comprimising on length. They work by using a bristle-blade combination to selectively de-shed the undercoat and loose hair, without cutting or damaging the top coat. They are available in different sizes and for a range of coat lengths.

The most famous deshedding brush is the Furminator, as this was the first to pioneer under-coat rake technology.

Useful for: cats who shed a lot of fur, as the brush significantly reduces the bulkiness of the coat. Also great for double coated breeds.

Top recommended deshedding brushes:

Slicker brushes

Slicker brushes contain a large quantity of pin-like, fine, metal teeth situated on a flat head. The pins on slicker brushes are quite sharp, so brushing should be gentle as to avoid scratch the skin. They should not be used on the face, especially near the eyes.

Useful for: gently removing dead and loose hair from the topcoat and helping to tease out tangles and increase shine. Regular use of the slicker will reduce matting and the need for professional clipping. Removing dead, lifeless fur will leave the top coat looking healthy and shiny.

Top rated slicker brushes:

Rubber massage brushes

Massaging rubber brushes are the ultimate beginner's tool. Virtually all cats love being brushed by the soft rubber or silicon brushes and it is great as an introductory brush to get them used to grooming. The rubber pegs stimulate the capillaries promoting blood flow for a healthier skin and coat.

Useful for: Bonding with your cat, introducing your kitten to grooming, and removing loose hair.

Top rated rubber massage brushes:

Glove Brushes

Grooming gloves are incredibly popular with cats that don't like being brushed. As far as your kitty is concerned, they are just receiving an extremely luxurious pat from their human - they'll never know!

Useful for: Cats that don't tolerate brushing, to remove loose hair and reduce shedding.

Top rated glove brush:

Undercoat rakes

Undercoat rakes are just as they sound - rake-like brushes designed with sturdy metal spokes.

Useful for: Detangling knots and removing stubborn mats, particularly in long-haired breeds. They're perfect for brushing tangles out of long fur on the tail or around the neck.

Top rated rake brushes:

Cat Combs

Flea combs are typically designed with metal spokes spaced closely together in order to catch tiny bugs in your kitty's fur.

Useful for: picking up fleas and eggs, but they also double as a face comb for tidying up around the eyes, ears and chin.

Top Rated Cat Combs

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