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Best Dog Bowls

LAST UPDATED 15th September 2023

This article is written by Pet Circle's qualified veterinarian, Dr Katelyn Bailey

While choosing a bowl for your pet may seem like a simple task, gone are the days of just a couple of options to consider. There are a world of possibilities on offer now, all with different functions and features for your furry friend. Considering your pet's needs will help you to find the perfect bowl for them!

Did you know that the right bowl could help prevent your dog from developing bloat, provide enrichment, stop them splashing water everywhere, or even help manage arthritis?

Below we have compiled a list of our top picks for dog bowls across a range of categories, so no matter your need, you're sure to find something to suit your pet and household.

Why is choosing the right dog bowl important?

Dogs have their own personalities and preferences, and it is important to consider these when choosing the right dog bowl. It's also worth considering what practical or health benefits you'd like the bowl to provide.

Four reasons why it's important to choose the right dog bowl are:
  1. Comfort: A bowl that is uncomfortable for your dog to use, whether it's too large, small, short or tall, may result in them eating or drinking less which can impact overall health.
  2. Preference: Some dogs will prefer to eat and drink from a certain bowl size, or from bowls made of a particular material, so it may take a little trial and error to figure out their tastes!
  3. Health: The right dog bowl can have a positive influence on health conditions, for example by slowing down eating, lowering the risk of bloat, or helping to manage joint issues.
  4. Time saving: Certain bowls can even make your life easier by reducing splashing, tipping or vomiting, so you'll spend less time cleaning up after your pet.


  1. Best Outdoor Dog Bowl: Rogz Slurp Stainless Steel Bowl
  2. Best Anti-Spill Bowl: All Fur You Anti Splash Pet Bowl
  3. Best Anti-Ant Bowl: ZeeZ Stainless Steel Ant Moat Pet Bowl
  4. Best Elevated Bowl: Dogit 2 in 1 Elevated Dog Dish
  5. Best Slow Feeder Bowl: Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl
  6. Best Travel Bowl: Beco Travel Bowl
  7. How We Review Our Products

    Our Pet Circle Vet Squad comprises 30 vets with over 120 years of collective, independent veterinary expertise. Our Vet team use their health and husbandry knowledge, along with their own personal and clinical experiences to evaluate each product and provide detailed, informative reviews, free of any commercial bias. We then collate this information into our 'best of' recommendations.

    Top Dog Bowls in Australia

    Best Outdoor Dog Bowl: Rogz Slurp Stainless Steel Bowl


    • Made from durable stainless steel
    • Non-skid silicone base prevents movement and slippage
    • Dishwasher safe, UV and corrosion resistant
    • Available in a range of sizes to suit most breeds
    • Can be used for food or water


    • Smallest size may be too large for some small breed dogs

    The Rogz Slurp Stainless Steel Bowl is our top pick for a classic, heavy duty outdoor dish for your pooch. Stainless steel bowls have earned the title of "vet favourite" as they are easy to keep clean and disinfect if needed. They are known to be sturdy and durable, and are safe to use around teething pups.

    This bowl comes in a range of sizes, from 550mL to 3.7L, to suit all breeds and is an ideal choice for an outdoor bowl as it's weather-resistant. Its cushioned silicone anti-slip base also makes it suitable for indoor use.

    For added personalisation, this bowl is available in a range of colours which can be found here.

    What our customers say: "Awesome bowl, nice and deep. Only need to fill once a day which is awesome for my dogs."

    Shop Rogz Slurp Stainless Steel Bowl

    Best Anti-Splash Bowl: All Fur You Anti Splash Pet Bowl


    • Innovative floating disc design that prevents splashing, keeping your pet and your floors dry
    • The cover also stops water from being contaminated by dirt or food, and reduces evaporation
    • Can act as an anti-gulp bowl- helps to slow the rate of drinking
    • Easy to disassemble and clean
    • Dishwasher safe


    • Comes in one size only with a one litre (1L) capacity
    • Separate parts and floating disc may make this bowl less suitable for destructive chewers
    • Can be used for water only

    The All Fur You Anti Splash Pet Bowl is the perfect bowl for dogs that enjoy playing with their water more than drinking it! Its unique floating cover design is also great for pups that guzzle water, forcing them to slow down which helps to reduce the occurrence of regurgitation.

    This bowl is ideal for indoor use and is also a fantastic option for crates, car trips, or any situation where spilling would be a concern.

    It is available in one size and two colours, grey and white.

    What our customers say: "After years of having our Golden spread her water all across the house, we decided it was finally time to look for a bowl that would help reduce the puddles. This bowl has worked amazingly, we no longer have to mop up after her, and all our dogs and cat figured out how to use it very easily. If you have a messy drinker, I would absolutely recommend this bowl!"

    What our vets say: "The All Fur You Anti Splash Bowl is a game changer for managing messy drinkers. It also helps protect your pet’s water from dust and debris, is dishwasher-safe and can even be used in the car." - Dr Susan Nguyen

    Shop All Fur You Anti Splash Pet Bowl

    Best Anti-Ant Bowl: ZeeZ Stainless Steel Ant Moat Pet Bowl


    • Made from sturdy stainless steel
    • Wide base with 'moat' is specially designed to keep out ants and other crawling insects
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Available in two sizes
    • Can be used for food or water


    • Only available in one colour
    • Largest size may be too small to use as a water bowl for larger dogs

    Are you sick of dealing with ants in your dog's food or water bowls? The ZeeZ Ant Moat Pet Bowl offers the perfect solution! With a wide base and outer lip creating a 'moat' around the central portion of the bowl, ants will be deterred or trapped before reaching the middle, leaving your pet's meal clean and untouched.

    This bowl comes in two sizes (350mL and 950mL) to suit most breeds of dog. The wider base and overall shape make it more difficult to tip over, and it's suitable for outdoor use.

    When using this bowl, don't forget to make sure your pet always has access to fresh water so they don't drink from the moat!

    What our customers say: "This bowl is the perfect size for our dog's meals and has solved the problem with the ants."

    Shop ZeeZ Stainless Steel Ant Moat Pet Bowl

    Best Elevated Bowl: Dogit 2 in 1 Elevated Dog Dish


    • Raised design offers a more comfortable eating position for large, old or arthritic dogs
    • Includes two bowls that can be used together or separately: a raised enamelled outer bowl and a stainless steel dish
    • Anti-skid base to prevent movement
    • Can be used for food or water
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Available in two sizes with different heights


    • Largest size may be too small to use as a water bowl for larger dogs

    Our top pick for an elevated bowl is the Dogit 2 in 1 Elevated Dog Dish. With a sleek design and sturdy, anti-skid base, it's an excellent choice for dogs needing some extra height. Elevated bowls are excellent options for senior, large, or arthritic dogs, as they prevent excessive craning of the neck and allow for a more comfortable position while eating or drinking.

    Its smooth design makes it easy to clean and it can even be used as two separate bowls- the outer enamelled bowl and inner stainless steel dish can easily be separated.

    It comes in two colours (black and white) and two sizes: small- 300mL and 9cm height; and large- 900mL and 16.5cm height.

    What our customers say: "Very high quality - these elevated dishes (I bought 2) are great for my ageing border collie Taffy who is suffering with arthritis and is no longer able to bend down comfortably to his old food and water bowls. Great purchase."

    What our vets say: "This elevated bowl is fantastic and makes mealtimes so much easier for large dogs and those that suffer from arthritis or spinal issues. This raised design is also great at keeping long floppy ears clean and dry during use." - Dr. Belinda Stancombe

    Shop Dogit 2 in 1 Elevated Dog Dish

    Best Slow Feeder Bowl: Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl


    • Slows eating time by up to 10x
    • Made from food safe materials, with non-slip base
    • Provides enrichment and mental stimulation, helping to reduce boredom
    • Available in different sizes, colours and designs for more variety
    • Dishwasher safe


    • Needs to be used under supervision, especially if your dog is prone to chewing
    • Can be used for food only

    Did you know that if your dog gulps down their food at lightning speed, they're at higher risk of experiencing health issues such as bloat, regurgitation, poor digestion or even obesity? Slowing down the rate of eating can help to prevent these conditions from developing. The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is the perfect choice for speedy eaters, and it's also great for dogs that would benefit from a bit of extra mental enrichment and problem-solving.

    Available in a range of colours, sizes and designs to ensure ongoing variety for your pup, these bowls have a non-slip base and a sturdy construction. The various maze styles available are sure to prove a challenge for even the most food-guzzling dog and are proven to keep your pup engaged during mealtime for up to 10 times longer.

    What our customers say: "I have a very large food obsessed old, 55kg Labrador, who inhales his food. I received his new 'slow feeder' and it was larger than I expected, but it works well because I can spread his food around the bowl. My dog has both kibble and wet food for his meals, and his regular sized meal fitted well within the grooves of his new bowl .. He used it for the first time last night and I was surprised at the time it took for him to finish .. I then timed him again this morning, and his feeding time has gone from 30 seconds, to an impressive 7 minutes! The rubber grips on the bottom of the bowl stopped it from sliding, as he was going around and around the bowl, getting his tongue in all the grooves. I highly recommend this product!"

    What our vets say: "The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is an option that I love to recommend. Not only is it something that is a lot of fun to use, but it also does its job of slowing dogs down very well. I have many clients with fast eaters that rave about the Slo Bowl and have been using it for years which is a testament to its durability." - Dr Brittany Ward

    Shop Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

    Best Travel Bowl: Beco Travel Bowl


    • Portable, collapsible bowl made from flexible silicon, perfect for travel
    • Easy to wipe clean on the go and dishwasher safe
    • Available in different colours and sizes to suit most breeds of dog
    • No-seal design to reduce the risk of leaks
    • Can be used for both food and water


    • By nature is not chew-proof, so should not be left unattended with chewers

    With its easy to use collapsible design and smooth, wipeable surface, the Beco Travel Bowl is the perfect on-the-go option for when you're out and about with your pup. It's great for car trips, long walks, hiking, cafe visits and any other portable need and can easily be stored in a small bag or clipped onto a backpack.

    It is available in multiple sizes that range from a 0.4L to 1.25L capacity, making it suitable for most dog breeds. Made from flexible, food-safe silicone that is sturdy but not chew-proof, it's recommended to always supervise your dog when using it, especially if they're a chewer.

    What our customers say: "Needed a bowl for our dogs when we go out for walks, it's great that it can fold down and it can even attach to the dog lead and easily fits into a small bag when we go for a drive!"

    What our vets say: "Designed to collapse flat for easy storage, this sturdy and hardwearing BPA free silicone bowl is so handy when travelling with pets, keeping them hydrated and nourished during every adventure." - Dr. Belinda Stancombe

    Shop Beco Travel Bowl

    What to look for when choosing a dog bowl


    Dog bowls are available in a range of material compositions, some sturdier and easier to clean than others. Choosing the right material for your and your dog's needs comes down to several factors, including the desired function of the bowl, the environment the bowl will be used in (eg. indoor vs outdoor), budget, and your pet's personality and preference (cheap plastic is a big no-no for chewers!)

    Stainless steel bowls have earned the title of "vet favourite" as they are easy to keep clean and disinfect. Stainless Steel bowls are sturdy, durable and safe to use around teething pups. Some bowls are made with a sturdy melamine shell and have a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.

    Ceramic bowls are heavy and offer greater stability than a plastic or stainless steel bowl, however are more fragile and prone to breaking if dropped. If your pet has a habit of tipping over their bowl or has difficulty keeping it still, this could be the solution you're looking for. Try to avoid purchasing an unglazed ceramic bowl as it is highly porous and will require regular scrubbing to get rid of any nasty bacteria.

    Plastic bowls are generally a more cost effective option than ceramic or stainless steel. High quality plastic is quite durable however can be difficult to keep clean as scratches from general wear and tear can become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. It's best to avoid plastic bowls if you have puppies or other pets who love to chew.

    Silicon is a great material for travel pet bowls, which are often collapsible, dishwasher safe and durable. Given their function, they are not particularly sturdy and can be destroyed by overly enthusiastic pets, so it is best to use these purely as a travel bowl under supervision.


    Always make sure to carefully check the measurements and capacity of the bowl prior to purchasing. Very large or tall bowls will be unsuitable for smaller breed dogs, and vice versa- a 'small' size water bowl could be emptied by a Great Dane in just a couple of seconds! For dogs that like to chew, make sure there aren't any small, removable parts that could be easily ingested.


    These days there is a bowl to suit almost every need. Is your dog a fast eater or a large breed prone to bloat who could benefit from a slow feeder bowl? Are ants constantly crawling across their meal? Do they like to splash water around or try to tip their bowl over? Are they arthritic and more reluctant to lower their head and neck to ground level?

    Considering these factors will help you to select the most suitable bowl for your pet. If you're still unsure, feel free to get in touch with the Pet Circle Vet Squad or take a look at our article on How to choose the right feeder for your pet.

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