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Dr. Brittany Ward, BVSc

Last updated December 2023

Dr. Brittany Ward is a team member of Pet Circle's awesome Vet Squad. Dr. Brittany graduated from James Cook University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and started working in her home town in the Wide Bay-Burnett Region. She has always been excited about working in the veterinary industry, but over the last few years has grown especially fond of dog behaviour and training, surgery and orthopaedic disease.

Her favourite part of being a vet is getting to meet a wide variety of animals, each with their own personality, and being able to see the amazing bond animals can have with people first hand.

Dr. Brittany's Pets

Guinea Pigs were the first pets Brittany ever had and she's adored them since, more recently having a black and white pair named Gemma and Sweetpea. Then Foster came along, so named by Brittany's Mum so they "would remember he isn't ours". He was surrendered to the clinic at just 5 weeks old with a broken leg and Brittany was volunteered as carer since she didn't have a dog of her own. He's been nothing but trouble since. The three-legged goofball has a cute face, ample character and a health problem list a mile long, but she wouldn't trade him for anything! With one, comes two and Eve was the second foster fail in the family. Brittany loves to spend her time playing with and training the two dogs.

Foster the Tripawd - Follow him on Instagram @the_fozz_miester


Eve Enjoying a Market Day Adventure

At Pet Circle

History: Dr. Brittany joined Pet Circle in December 2021. Forming part of our Vet Squad, Brittany provides in-house veterinary counsel and support for our Pet Circle Customers. She looks forward to interacting with all our customers, hearing their stories and answering as many of your questions as possible so you and your pet can live happily together!

Dr. Brittany's favourite part about working at Pet Circle is being part of a supportive team, and interacting with so many new people everyday. Pet Circle has opened her eyes to a whole new opportunity within the veterinary industry to reach out to more people and share the information she's learnt over the years. Brittany is excited to help all your pets, big and small!

Brittany's Top Recommended Products

Paws For Life Cosy Calming Bed

"These fluffy beds have been a game changer. They are so soft even I want to curl up in them! Eve was extremely anxious when she came to us. She is ridiculously attached to her fluffy bed. She curls up into a tight little ball and hides her face in it. She will always seek this bed out over all the others."

4cyte Joint Supplement

"This joint supplement has been everything Foster needed! It massively improved his mobility, giving him the freedom to play like the puppy he is. It also allowed us to reduce the amount of pain medication he is on and he now likes to show off how high he can jump!"

The Kong Gyro

"I haven't had a dog that doesn't like this toy. From Foster who hates working for his food to Eve who's food obsessed and the dogs I've fostered in between. My Mum bought it on a whim and it has been one of the best toys, still going strong three years later."

Prime100 Single Protein Treats

"I have been using these treats since Foster was in Puppy School. They offer a range of flavours, are easy to tear or cut into small bite sized training pieces, Australian made and Single Protein Treats, making them completely safe for dogs with allergies. They even offer novel protein flavours with Kangaroo and Duck so that you don't have to stop offering treats while your dog is on an elimination diet. These are my go to training treats and always my first recommendation. "