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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?


This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr. Carla Paszkowski, BVSC (Hons)

Mmm - plump, juicy, red strawberries. Is there anything better? Bursting with vitamin C, fibre, and delectable sweetness, it's hard to find someone who doesn't love strawberries - including your furry best friend. Many dog owners enjoy passing the 'white leafy end' of the strawberry to their pup, or treating them to the succulent red fruit itself. But are strawberries actually safe for dogs to eat?

Are Strawberries Safe For Dogs To Eat?

The answer is yes! All parts of the strawberry are safe for dogs to eat - from the fruit to the seeds to the leaves. Not only are strawberries safe for your dog, but they are highly nutritious too!

Always wash strawberries before feeding them to your dog, to ensure all pesticides, dirt and bugs have been removed.

Are There Health Benefits of Strawberries For Dogs?

Strawberries boast a number of health benefits for dogs.1 There is a reason strawberries are routinely recommended as a safe treat by veterinarians!

The Benefits of Strawberries For Dogs Include:

  • Full of nutrients including Vitamin C and antioxidants, which can help promote a strong immune system
  • High in fibre, which is great for gut health
  • Only contain 32 calories per 100g - making it a great option for pups on a diet
  • Also contain no fat or cholesterol, so it's a safe treat for dogs who experience pancreatitis or IBD
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Can dogs eat strawberry leaves?

Yes, strawberry leaves are safe for your dog. Just make sure they've been washed to remove any pesticides!

Are strawberries high in sugar?

No - strawberries are one of the lowest sugar-content fruits around, containing only 4.9g sugar per 100g.2 To compare, bananas contain 12g per 100g, and figs contain 16g per 100g! Some advice will warn of moderating strawberry consumption due to sugar content, but in truth you can feed a lot more strawberries to your dog than most other fruits without worrying about sugar.

Can dogs eat storebought frozen strawberries?

It's generally recommended to feed your dog fresh strawberries. You may wish to freeze fresh strawberries as a tasty frozen treat, but generally we advise against commercially packed frozen berries.

Storebought frozen strawberries are often higher in sugar than fresh strawberries. Not only does freezing naturally concentrate the fruit into a more nutrient-dense state, but some manufacturers add strawberry juice or syrup to the pack to enhance the flavour.

In addition, recent outbreaks of infectious diseases from frozen berries (such as the 2015 hepatitis outbreak) have led to many experts recommending boiling or cooking frozen berries3 before eating them, to remove the risk of disease. So, generally we recommend choosing fresh berries for your dog!

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How to Feed Your Dog Strawberries

Now that you know strawberries are safe for your dog, what is the best way to serve them to your dog? Strawberries can be given to your dog in a number of ways as a great fresh natural dog treat. You can feed them whole, you can cut them into slices, you can freeze them and give as natural popsicles on a hot day, or you can blend them into a puree. And you can of course share them with your dog, passing them the white parts and leaves while you consume the tasty red fruit!

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