Could Your Pet Benefit From a ThunderShirt?

Last updated on Jan 19 2017

What is a ThunderShirt?

The ThunderShirt is an effective, drug free way to help manage your pet's anxiety. The design applies constant, gentle pressure to the soft tissue which helps to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of relaxation. ThunderShirts are recommended by veterinarians and veterinary behaviourists as a tool to help with treating common fears and anxieties including storm phobias and separation anxiety.

How Does It Work?

Studies on animals and humans have shown that pressure applied to the sides of the body can reduce stress and promote calm behaviours. A recent study in 2014 by Temple Grandin and other veterinary behaviour experts found that the ThunderShirt is effective in lowering heart rate in dogs diagnosed with separation anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder.

The ThunderShirt has also been demonstrated to help lower signs of anxiety and fearfulness in dogs under simulated thunderstorm conditions. Dogs wearing the thundershirt were less likely to hide or display behavioural signs of anxiety. A survey of 149 veterinarians conducted in 2011 found that over 98% reported success when using the ThunderShirt to manage anxiety and fear in canine patients.

Benefits of The ThunderShirt

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Drug free
  • Affordable when compared to medications and training
  • Scientifically supported
  • Versatile, can be used for many purposes

How Do I Use The ThunderShirt?

For most dogs and cats there is no training necessary when using the Thundershirt. Simply put the shirt on as described in the instructions and you will most likely see the effects. For some animals it may take a few uses to see the best results. If your pet is experiencing extreme symptoms of anxiety you should consult with a trainer, behaviourist or veterinarian as to how to incorporate the ThunderShirt into their treatment.

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Posted by Dr Teagan Lever

When Teagan's not busy sharing her knowledge of all things pets as Pet Circle's resident vet, she is the human companion of two intense English staffies and a three-legged cat named Steve.

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