Dog Stress and Anxiety

Dog Stress and Anxiety


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Stress and anxiety products for dogs

Why buy anxiety products for your dog?

Anxiety is a common problem with domesticated dogs. Whether your dog is battling separation anxiety, thunderstorm anxiety, boredom, a fear of other dogs, or just stress in general, anxiety aides can help relieve the problem. Signs of stress or anxiety in your dog include panting, excessive barking, chewing at their skin (particularly their paws), destructive behaviour such as digging or scratching, and restlessness. To achieve some well-needed peace for both you and your dog, it's worth trying one or more anxiety products before medicating your dog.

Why do dogs get anxiety? Trying to find out why your dog is stressed can be difficult and often requires a behaviorist's assessment. Your dog may be anxious in response to your energy (they are excellent at picking up on their human's stress), they might be lacking a pack leader to calm them, they may require training, or they may even have a chemical imbalance causing anxiety. Whatever the reason, anti-anxiety products are available for dogs to help relieve the problem.

An extensive range of anti-anxiety products for dogs

Want to know how to stop your dog's bad behaviour, or how to stop them from being stressed? Before resorting to medication, you might like to try some home products that can help calm your pooch. Supplements are available that contain tryptophan, a serotonin precursor which helps produce feelings of calm. Supplements are available in powder form or as chewable treats, but you can also consider pheromone spray products that emit canine calming pheromone, such as Adaptil. Vet-recommended anxiety wraps are also available, which act as a compression shirt to keep your pet feeling 'hugged' and comforted.

With powder supplements, chewy supplements, pheromone sprays and collars, and anxiety wraps, Pet Circle has everything you need to help your dog with anxiety.

Trusted brands

Pet Circle stocks all the top brands including Adaptil, Thundershirt, Company of Animals, Rufus and Coco, and PAW Blackmores