Walking Your Dog at Night

31 AUGUST 2022

This article is written by Pet Circle's qualified veterinarian, Dr Gillian Hill BVSc (Hons)

Winter is here, which means the days are becoming colder and shorter. With less daylight hours, it's easy to dread going outdoors in the dark with your pooch for their daily walk.

But don't be dismayed! Just because the sun is down doesn't mean they have to miss out on their daily exercise. There are a tonne of great products available to help you out with walking your best friend in the dark, and they are a whole lot of fun.

LED Dog Collars

Keep your dog visible (and looking extra fancy!) in the dark with a fabulous LED light up dog collar. The Nite Ize collar has 2 LED strips that emit coloured light, which can be set to 2 modes - flash or glow. The collar recharges in just over an hour and has a run time of approximately 6.5 hours.

Glow in the Dark Dog Collars

Similar to an LED collar, a glowing dog collar is an alternative option for night time walks. These collars are made from self-sustaining glow material which automatically recharges when exposed to any light source.

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Reflective Dog Collars and Leads

Reflective collars, leads and harnesses are another excellent way to improve safety and visibility for you and your dog while walking after dark. Reflective dog collars and leads improve visibility to oncoming cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

Top Rated Reflective Collars and leads

Light-up Dog Tags

If a bright fibre-optic collar isn't your thing, you could instead opt for the simpler option of an LED collar light which clips to your dog's current collar and emits a bright LED light, keeping your pooch visible when off the lead. You can also program your chosen colour (red, green, blue or white) or set to Disc-O mode!

An LED safety necklace is also a great option. The necklace is illuminated from end to and end, changes colour and can be set to a constant glow or flashing.

Light Up Leads

For extra safety on night-walks, a dog lead with an inbuilt light or torch is perfect for winter walkies. Some, like the Petkit Go Shine Pet Leash even come with a tracking system - so that you can keep an eye on your dog-walking time, route, and even be alerted to incoming phonecalls!

Dog Clothes

A warm waterproof jacket will ensure you and your pooch can brave the cold - rain, hail or shine! Check out coats like the Huskimo Summit Pro Coat which boasts sub-zero micro fleece lining and reflective piping, or the Pawise Raincoat with reflective edging for increased visibility in low light. We also have a wide range of knitwear and jumpers for keeping your dog warm around the house, or to add extra warmth under a jacket.

Top Recommended Clothing for Night Time Walks

Glow-in-the-dark toys

Night time activities don't have to be limited to walks! Glow in the dark toys add extra fun for low light exercise sessions!

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