6 Must Have Items for Your Doggo's Winter Wardrobe

18 MAY 2021

This article is written by our veterinarian, Dr Teagan Lever, BVSc (Hons)

Whatever your dog's lifestyle, there are plenty of benefits to be had from a well curated winter wardrobe. The right clothes can express your doggo's unique pawsonality as well as keeping them warm and dry this winter.

Whether you have a full on wardrobe overhaul or just an update in mind, you can avoid any dog park fashion faux paws and bring your pooch's wardobe up to date with these 6 must have essentials.

1 - The All-Weather Coat

Mr Darcy wears the Kazoo Oilskin Coat

An absolutely essential piece for any dog's wardrobe is a weather resistant coat to keep them cosy during winter walkies and toilet breaks. For cooler climates look for fleece linings and insulation to ensure extra warmth, if your pooch spends a lot of time outdoors a tough, water resistant nylon outer shell is the way to go.

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2 - The Cosy Knit

This season's on trend must have is the chunky, cosy knit jumper. These snuggly jumpers are perfect for indoors and can also add an additional layer of warmth under a weatherproof coat for those extra cold nights. Jumpers aren't just for little dogs anymore either; there's a huge range of styles and colours available this year to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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3 - The Statement Piece

Mr Darcy and Pretzel wear the Fuzzyard Rebel Denim Jacket

Whether you're heading out for a spot of brunch at your favourite dog friendly cafe or squeezing in a cheeky sunday session with your pooch pal, there's nothing like a statement piece to say 'This isn't just any dog!' Showcase your dog's uniqueness with a fun, fashion forward statement piece designed to turn heads and start conversations.

4 - Pyjama Party

Are you one of the many pet parents who lets their furry family members share the bed? Pooch PJs don't just offer extra warmth (and look adorable!), they may also help to catch dog hair and dirt to keep your sheets cleaner for longer.

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5 - The Trademark Accessory

Pretzel wears the Huskimo Dog Snood in Steel Blue

Instagram ready accessories like bow ties and bandanas are a nifty way to express your pooch's unique pawsonality and help them to stand out from the pack.

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6 - The Team Colours

Grand final weekend is sorted! Your dog can show their true colours with official AFL and NRL merchandise from their favourite teams.

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How to choose the right size?

So that you can ensure your dog's new outfit is a perfect fit, grab a measuring tape and take just a few simple measurements. If your dog is very wriggly or excited, you may need a helper and some high value treats to encourage him to stand still while you measure him up.

Most coats, jackets and jumpers will use back length as a measurement, to find this simply measure the distance from the base of the neck, about the level of the collar, just to the base of the tail where the coat would end.

In order to find your dog's chest measurement, take your measuring tape, and gently encircle it around the widest part of your dog's chest. The tape should be snug but not too tight. If you need a neck measurement as well, repeat the same process, this time encircling the tape gently around your dog's neck at the same level where the collar would normally sit.