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Dog Coat Sizing Guide

3 APRIL 2024

This article is written by our veterinarian, Dr Teagan Lever, BVSc (Hons) and updated by Dr Brittany Ward BVSc

Whatever your dog's lifestyle, there are plenty of benefits to be had from a well fitted dog coat. The right sized coats and clothes can express your dog's unique pawsonality as well as keeping them warm and dry this winter.

This article takes a deep dive into the benefits of using a coat, why it's important to choose the correct size and finding the right coat for your dog. Feel confident the next time you purchase a cute winter accessory for your pup!

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How to Choose the Right Size Dog Coat

How to Measure Your Dog for a Coat

Understanding Dog Coat Sizing Guides by Brand
- Fuzzyard
- Huskimo
- Kazoo
- Ruff N Rugged

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

Why is it Important to Get the Right Fit?

Confirming the Comfort for Your Dog

How to Ensure the Maximum Life of Your Coat

Types of Dog Coats and Clothes
- Coats and Jackets
- Jumpers
- Rain Coats
- Jerseys
- Pyjamas
- Costumes and Accessories

How to Choose the Right Size Dog Coat

Dogs come in a large variety of sizes and shapes and no two dogs are exactly the same size, even within a breed. This means that the only accurate way to choose the right size coat for your dog is by measuring them. Most coats, jackets and jumpers will use back length as a measurement but to get a perfect fit you'll need to take three measurements; Length, Neck and Chest.

Some sizing guides may list breed recommendations or weight based guides, but these are not accurate determinants of size and only the three measurements can provide an accurate reference for choosing a correctly fitting coat. When you take measurements, be sure to measure in the units you are familiar with and you may be able to convert later depending on the clothing brand's measurements.

How to Measure Your Dog for a Coat

1. Get Your Dog Prepared

Start by getting your dog ready, as you will need your dog to be present to take measurements for the coat. If your dog is very wriggly or excited, you may need a helper and some high value treats to encourage them to stand still while you measure them up. Alternatively, if you are on your own, why not try a lickmat with a paste treat or peanut butter.

2. Take Three Main Measurements

Length: The first measurement is the length measurement, which measures from the base of the dog's neck to the base of the tail. Use a measuring tape and measure along the back from those two points.

Chest: The second measurement is the chest measurement, which is the widest part of the dog's chest usually just behind the elbows. Wrap the measuring tape right around the chest and take it at the widest point.

Neck: The third measurement is the neck measurement. Use this for your collars as well. Wrap the measuring tape around the neck gently where the collar would normally sit. Make sure it's tight but not too tight, and you should be able to fit two fingers underneath there comfortably.

Record your measurements. Write down your measurements so that you can refer to them when selecting a coat.

3. Find The Right Jacket or Coat For Your Dog

Find a jacket or jumper that fits your dog. With your measurements, you can choose the right size of coat for your dog. Remember that if your dog is between sizes, it's always best to go up rather than down for comfort.

If you have any questions about which jacket or jumper might be right for your pet, contact our Customer Service team or Vet team for help.

4. Try Dog Coat On

Once you have the coat that fits your dog, it's time to try it on. Make sure it's comfortable and fits well. If it's too tight or too loose, you may need to adjust the size accordingly.

Enjoy the benefits of a well-fitting dog coat that will keep your dog warm, dry and comfortable in all types of weather conditions.

Understanding Dog Coat Sizing Guides

Different brands and products will have their own sizing guides using a measurement range to assist pet parents in choosing the correct size of their products. Your dog may fit coats in a range of sizes depending on the individual brands, so you should always check the guide provided for the product you intend to purchase first.

When you look at the sizing guide, find the ranges that your dog fits into. If their measurements fall between ranges or one of their measurements fits in a smaller size, we recommend sizing up for the best fit.

Now let's look at the sizing guides for some of the most popular brands!


Doggone Gorgeous (DGG) coats rely on back length from the collar to the base of the tail.

Size: Length:Body Weight: Suggested Breeds:
XS 20cmUp to 3kg Puppies, Toy and Teacup Breeds, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier
S 30cm 4-7kgSmall Cavoodle, Jack Russell, Pug, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Papillon, Miniature Pinscher
M 37cm 8-12kgCavoodle, West Highland White Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Fox Terrier, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Corgi, Miniature Schnauzer
L 47cm13-20kgGroodle, Kelpie, Border Collie and other working dogs, Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Standard Schnauzer
XL 55cm21-29kgGroodle, Boxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle, German Shepherd


Fuzzyard is one of the most popular apparel brands and has a large range of stylish products. They have a variety of sizing guides to match as well. However, their primary apparel sizing ranges for the three measurements are as listed below.

When sizing for this brand, find the sizing ranges that your pup fits into the most accurately. The sizing ranges are narrow and the gap between sizes can be quite varied so if your dog falls above the size range in any category, I would recommend sizing up.

Size Neck: Chest: Length:
1 24-26cm 38-39cm 26-29cm
2 28-30cm 44-45cm 30-33cm
3 33-35cm 51-52cm 35-38.5cm
4 37-39cm 59-60cm 40-41cm
5 42-44cm66-67cm45-46.4cm
6 45-47cm 76-77cm 59-62cm
7 50-52cm 86-87cm 69-72cm


Huskimo is a popular, high quality brand of dog apparel stocking luxurious winter knits to raincoats and even rashies for beach days. Each style of clothing has a unique sizing guide although they generally adhere to a consistent back length, so it is important to confirm the sizing guide for individual products before purchasing a coat.

The below sizing guide is based on the Huskimo Summit Pro Coat which is one of our most popular coats from this brand. Some of the sizing ranges for this product have some overlap for some measurements, so choose the range that most accurately fits your dog's measurements and use back length as a maximum measurement.

Size: Neck: Girth (Chest): Length:
27cm 34-43cm 44-60cm 27cm
33cm 40-50cm 47-68cm 33cm
40cm 47-57cm 53-74cm 40cm
46cm 50-64cm 56-79cm46cm
52.5cm 52-72cm 59-84cm 52.5cm
60cm 64-83cm 64-88cm 60cm
67cm 73-87cm 68-92cm 67cm
73cm 86-96cm 72-97cm 73cm
80cm 92-102cm 76-104cm 80cm


Kazoo is a brand whose size guides predominantly rely on back length, however, check individual products as some may also have chest and neck measurement recommendations.

When using the below sizing guide, I would recommend measuring your dog's back length and considering the below measurements maximums. If your dog is longer than the back length listed, size up.

Size: Length: Suggested Breeds:
XXS 27cm Silky Terrier, Maltese, Pug
XS 33.5cm Pomeranian, Papillon, Jack Russell
S 40cm Cavalier King Charles, Beagle
M 46.5cmCocker Spaniel, English Staffy
INT 53cmBorder Collie, Boxer Dalmation
L 59.5cm Siberian Husky, Labrador
XL 66cm German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
XXL 72.5cm Rottweiler, Irish Setter, Great Dane
G 79cm Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound

Ruff N Rugged

Ruff N Rugged dog coats are fully adjustable for different chest and neck measurements. If your dog is between sizes, then it's recommended to go up one size.

Size: Length: Suggested Breeds:
XS 30-35cm Maltese, Bichon, Silky Terrier
S 35-40cm Jack Russell, Cavalier King Charles, Shih Tzu
M 40-45cmFox Terrier, Dachshund, Scottish Terrier
ML 45-55cmBeagle, Kelpie, Corgi, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
L 55-60cmBorder Collie, Cattle Dog, English Springer Spaniel
XL60-65cmBoxer, Dalmatian, English Setter
XXL65-70cmGolden Retriever, Basset Hound, Standard Poodle
XXXL>70cmRidgeback, German Shepherd, Great Dane

The above size guides are general guides for each brand. Remember to check individual products before purchasing as they may have their own size guide to suit. If you are ever unsure, don't hesitate to reach out to our Vet Squad to assist with sizing.

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

While your average wild dog isn't going to be rocking the latest cable knit sweater, there is a large variety of dog coats available to suit a multitude of purposes. You may be looking for a coat for warmth, a raincoat or even just something to dazzle at doggy day care! Dog coats can be an option for any dog, however, there are some dogs that are more suited to rocking the latest trends.

The dogs most commonly suited to wearing coats are:
• Small dogs
• Short coated or single coated dogs
• Dogs with arthritis or joint problems
• Dogs travelling to colder temperatures than they are acclimatised too
• Less active dogs
• Lean dogs

As such some breeds are seen more commonly wearing coats or are more suited to wearing a coat due to their lack of undercoat, size and adaptability to cold whether, including the French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Whippets, Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Coats are by no means breed specific though, especially if you are looking for a specific type of coat, such as a raincoat, cooling vest, life jacket or anxiety shirt.

Even if you aren't looking for a coat with a purpose, you can always get a coat as a fashion statement. Or better yet, why not get a matching outfit with your beloved fur-baby?

Why is it Important to Get the Right Fit?

2 dogs wearing coats sitting on bench

Choosing the right coat isn't just about looking the most fashionable at the dog park. It's also about ensuring it is functional for its intended use and that your dog is comfortable wearing it.

Some key reasons why getting the right fit is important are:
  • Not Too Big: A coat that is too big will cause problems for your dog. It could fall down, interfering with normal movement, it could prevent toileting and it won't provide much benefit as cold air or rain could get underneath them.
  • Doesn't Cut: Check the coat doesn't cut into your dog, especially their neck, chest or around their limbs which could potentially cause injury or pain.
  • Restraint: Ensure the coat doesn't restrict your dog's movement. They should still be able to run, jump and play as normal.
  • Toileting: This is especially important with male dogs, they should still be able to urinate without urinating on or through the coat. Female dogs should still be able to squat.
  • Temperature: Active dogs produce more body heat, and dogs with long hair or a double coat can hold in more heat. Using thick coats or woollen coats on these dogs, especially in the warmer months, may cause heat stress. Likewise, a coat that is too loose will not provide sufficient warmth.
  • Fabric Flexibility: Even in a coat, your dog will be jumping around and playing so it's always good to choose a fabric with a little bit of give to allow for normal movement. A little bit of stretch or give is also important in case your dog puts on a little Winter weight.
  • Longevity: Coats that don't fit properly may get caught on objects, may fall off and get lost, they could get urinated on, they may get trodden on or your dog may chew them if they are uncomfortable. All of these things may reduce the longevity of the coat.
  • Hygiene: The wrong fitting coat may get stood on, dragged through the mud, urinated on, chewed on or may cause abrasions to the skin, all of which could potentially expose your dog to illness, such as viruses or bacteria in the soil or on the skin. A thick, wet coat would provide the perfect habitat for bacterial and yeast overgrowth.

Confirming the Comfort for Your Dog

When it comes to working out your dog's comfort level while wearing a coat, there are two important factors to consider: the comfort of the fit and the comfort of your dog.

Comfort of the Fit

The comfort of the fit is all about the size of the coat. It should fit closely with room for movement and play without causing any discomfort. It's the Goldilocks Principle; not too big and not too small. A coat that is too big and falls off or changes position during everyday activity will also be uncomfortable for your dog to wear. Nor should it restrict movement, cut into your dog or interfere with their normal behaviour, making them uncomfortable.

Comfort of Your Dog

The comfort of your dog refers to whether your dog likes wearing a coat, or not. Wearing a coat is an unnatural experience for dogs, who don't have coats in the wild. Dogs that are familiar with coats and have been wearing them since they were puppies will likely feel comfortable and confident in their new coat. Dogs that have never worn a coat before may be frightened and uncomfortable.

If your dog has never worn a coat before, you can train them to wear one. This is similar to teaching them to wear a harness or a muzzle.

Start by slowly introducing your dog to the coat and reward them for any positive interactions with it, such as sniffing it or putting their head into it. Loosely place the coat over them, reward and remove it. Slowly you can practise putting it over their head, reward and remove, increasing the amount of time it is on for each time. Then you can start to put it over their limbs, again increasing the time it is on for. Even after your dog is comfortable wearing it, be sure to praise them for putting their coat on so that wearing a coat is always a positive experience.

Ensuring the Maximum Life From Your Coat

dog running in a raincoat

Whenever we purchase a product for our pets, we hope that it will last their lifetime. Choosing the right coat size is essential to ensuring the longevity of your dog's coat.

When choosing a coat, look for quality products from reputable brands that use durable materials and fabrics with a bit of give to ensure your coat is going to last as long as possible. Following this, choosing the right size will also guarantee the longevity of your coat. Coats that are too small may irritate your dog, causing them to bite at them, or wear through the fabric quickly. Coats that are too big may fall off and get lost, drag on the ground, get soiled during toileting or get caught on objects like sticks or fences. All these things could shorten the lifespan of your coat.

Most coats and clothing items will also come with specific care instructions. Take note of these instructions when you first purchase your coat and follow them as closely as possible. These instructions will take into consideration the fabric and materials used alongside the purpose of the coat to determine the best way to preserve your dog's coat and get the most life out of it.

Browse Some of the Types of Coats Available

Dog Coats

Ensuring your pooch is snuggly warm and comfortable when out and about in the cooler months is essential, especially for a very lean, small, short-coated or sparsely-haired dog. Elderly dogs, and those who suffer from arthritis also benefit from the warmth that a coat or jacket provides.

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Dog Jumpers

This season's on trend must have is the chunky, cosy knit jumper. These snuggly jumpers are perfect for indoors and can also add an additional layer of warmth under a weather proof coat for those extra cold nights. Jumpers aren't just for little dogs anymore either; there's a huge range of styles and colours available this year to suit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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Dog Rain Coats

An absolutely essential piece for any dog's wardrobe is a weather resistant coat to keep them cosy during winter walkies and toilet breaks. For cooler climates look for fleece linings and insulation to ensure extra warmth, if your pooch spends a lot of time outdoors a tough water resistant dog coat with a nylon outer shell is the way to go.

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Dog Shirts

Grand final weekend is sorted! Your dog can show their true colours with an official shirt and AFL and NRL merchandise from their favourite teams. Or maybe you're heading out to brunch and want to show off your matching fashion styles? Dog shirts can be a great way to make a statement, show off your pup's fashion sense or dress up your pup for a fun day out.

Dog Pyjamas

Are you one of the many pet parents who lets their furry family members share the bed? Pooch Pyjamass don't just offer extra warmth (and look adorable!), they may also help to catch dog hair and dirt to keep your sheets cleaner for longer.

Dog Cooling Vests

When you think of a coat, you probably think of snuggling up and Winter weather, but did you know that some coats are designed to cool too? With the heat of the Australian Summer, a cooling vest can be an absolute essential, promising your pup plenty of chance to relax.

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Dog Anxiety Coats

Got an anxious pup? Specially designed anxiety vests are designed to mimic the feeling of a hug and promote feelings of calm in your pup. They can be especially beneficial for pups that may have separation anxiety or storm phobias to provide comfort and reassurance even when their owners can't be with them.

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Dog Life Jackets and Rashies

Some dogs are water babies and other's love nothing more than to chill on the beach and lap up the sunshine. Well there are coat options for them too! Why not check out our range of life jackets and rashies. Rashies are a great option for providing your pet sun protection while they are having fun in the sun. They are quick drying to prevent their coat harbouring water and can also help to protect your pup's skin from the salt or chlorine in your pool.

Life jackets can be especially beneficial for young dogs or puppies that may still be learning to swim and need a little bit of a confidence boost in the water. Tripaws or arthritic dogs may also benefit from a life jacket to help keep them afloat while they reap the benefits swimming has on their joints.

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Dog Costumes and Accessories

Whether you're heading out for a spot of brunch at your favourite dog friendly cafe, squeezing in a cheeky sunday session with your pooch pal or heading out to a Halloween party, there's nothing like a statement piece to say 'This isn't just any dog!' Showcase your dog's uniqueness with a fun, fashion forward statement piece designed to turn heads and start conversations.

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