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Best Toys For New Puppies


This article is written by Pet Circle veterinarian, Dr Teagan Lever, BVSc (Hons)

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time; but there is a lot of information to take on board and plenty of new items to purchase. One thing you will definitely need for your new puppy is a variety of toys! To keep your puppy interested in toys and away from your shoes, you should buy enough toys that you can rotate them every day over a week or more so that they don't become bored. Here's a guide to some of the toy options suitable for puppies that you should include in your toybox.

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Plush Puppy Toys

When you first bring them home, your puppy is likely to be missing their litter mates. By providing them with a soft, plush puppy toy to snuggle up with you can give them some comfort and help to make them feel a little less homesick.

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Puppy Rope Toys

border collie puppy pulling on rope toy

Rope toys are a fun way for your puppy to get all their chewing and biting urges out. Tug of war can be an enjoyable way to play with your pup and build your bond, but make sure that you play it in a controlled way and stop before things get out of hand. It is a good idea to use clicker training to teach your dog 'drop it' or 'leave' as a way to finish of a game of tug of war.

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Puppy Chew Toys

puppy looking at bear chew toy

When puppies begin to teeth, they love to chew. If you don't want your puppy to destroy your favourite shoes you need to provide them with a suitable option. Some puppy teething toys, like Kongs can be stuffed with tasty treats to keep your puppy occupied and out of mischief for a while. When picking chew toys for your puppy, make sure that you choose ones with softer rubber like so that they don't hurt their baby teeth.

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Puppy Fetch Toys

jack russel puppy chasing boomerang dog toy

Playing fetch is a great way to build the bond between you and your puppy while burning of plenty of excess energy in the process! Pick toys that are easy for them to carry back and forth like balls designed for dogs and frisbees. Avoid throwing sticks for your dog or puppy, as the sharp ends and splinters can result in serious injury. A safe alternative to actual sticks are rubber toy sticks which are available in a number of different sizes and colours.

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Squeaky Puppy Toys

chocolate lab puppy chewing on sof squeaky toy

Most puppies love a good squeaky toy. Squeakers make toys even more appealing for your puppy by stimulating their sensitive sense of hearing. They also encourage your dog's natural hunting instincts, as they feel that the toy is a prey making a noise. Traditional squeaky toys are available in a variety of different designs, such as balls and soft toys.

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Remember that no toy is indestructible - always supervise your puppy when he is playing with new toys. If you think he may have ingested part of a toy contact your veterinarian for advice. By providing your new puppy with a range of different toy options you will help to keep them out of mischief, give them plenty of opportunities to learn and play and most importantly keep them happy and contented.

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