Which bed should I choose for my cat?

Sick of finding your cat nestled soundly asleep on top of your newly washed pile of clothes? Or maybe your cat keeps pinching your poor dog's bed, leaving Buster to sleep on the cold hard floor. Whatever the reason, you've decided enough is enough and your kitty needs their own place to sleep.

When you are choosing the right bed, there are three components to consider: the size of the bed, its shape and its washability. Once you've made your choice, you will then have the 'fun' task of coaxing your feline friend away from your pillow and onto their new bed.

How to choose the right size

When choosing the right bed for your cat, you should first consider which size will be most suitable. While you need to make sure it is big enough for your kitty, you also need to make sure it is not too big as this can be unsettling for your feline friend. Measure them from their head to the base of their tail and add on a few centimetres. If your cat prefers stretching out to sleep rather than curling into a ball, those extra centimetres will give them the extra little bit of room they need.

What style bed is best for your cat?

Many cats prefer a secluded place to spend their time dozing, rather than a vast open space. Hooded beds like the Snooza Igloo, Mog and Bone Igloo or Rufus and Coco Pod provide extra cover to help them feel more at ease. Anxious pets will usually avoid flat mats or bolster beds and instead opt for some other covered sleeping spot. Covered pod or log style cat beds are the best choice if you are adopting a new cat. Elderly or less mobile cats will benefit from beds with a small lip that are easy to get into and out of.

How easy is it to clean the bed?

While self-cleaning pet beds are beginning to hit the market, they aren't very good at removing shedded hair and parasites like fleas just yet. Beds with zippable covers and removable inserts are ideal to chuck straight into the washing machine. A spare cover can be handy when the other one is in the wash so that your kitty's bed is always available.

Settling them into the new bed

The fun part is now over and breaking the habit of sleeping on the clean laundry can be exasperating. The unfamiliar factory smell of a new bed can be a deterrent, so washing the bed or placing a worn item of your clothing inside can help with their acceptance of the bed.

Where to place the bed is also another important aspect to consider and will be based on your cat's personal preference and personality. Most cats won't be able to relax in a bed that's in the middle of the noisiest room in the house. If your cat has already marked out their preferred sleeping spaces in your home, use these for reference. Is it in the sun? Can they see outside? Is it hidden behind obstacles or up high out of reach?

If your kitty is a new member of the family, choose a place out of the way where they can hide in the bed but still peek out to see their surroundings. Cats love seeking out warm places so try to place it where the sun shines in.

Cats tend to feel safer off the floor so try placing the bed slightly off ground level. Just make sure that it is secure and not going to flip or slide off. If your cat is comfortable in the bed and it rolls off the window sill, you're going to have a tough time getting them inside it again.

Points to remember

  • When deciding on a bed, make sure you choose the right size. Avoid going too big or small, as the wrong size bed can be unsettling for your kitty.
  • Cave like beds that provide shelter are great for anxious or new cats, whereas beds with an open design are better for confident and relaxed cats.
  • Look for easy to wash materials and designs for simpler washing.
  • When setting up your cat's bed, place an item of worn clothing inside to associate your scent with the bed and take care when choosing where to place the bed.

Posted by Jessica Varley

Owner of a small Chihuahua army and lover of all things pets; when Jess isn't managing her pup Nacho's instagram you can find her writing about all the awesome new products on the Pet Circle website!

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