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MON 3 APRIL 2017

What better way to spoil and pamper your kitty than with furniture of their own? The cat furniture industry has exploded in the past few years, and now comes in many varieties to provide something for every kitty. Not only is cat furniture adorable and a lot of fun, but it has many physical and psychological benefits for felines. Read on to find out the different types of cat furniture, and determine what type will be better for your kitty.

Cat Trees

Cat trees come in many shapes and forms. They come in a range of heights and with various platforms, hidey holes, and scratching posts. Cat trees often provide different levels for your cat to climb. This is great for cats, as it extends their territory vertically - they feel as if they have more room to explore.

Cat trees come in a number of shapes and sizes, from the super-tall Myrtle Cat Tree to the short and quaint Bluegum Cat Tree. Some cat trees are even designed to clip onto the back of a door, so that no floor space is used.


Playhouses are a lot of fun as they usually provide a number of hidey-holes, dangly toys and scratching surfaces. They often look like a little camper tent or playground made especially for your kitty.

Zeez playhouses consist of a varied range of sizes and designs of playhouses, from the single hooded bed to the triple-storey playground.

Scratching Posts

Scratching Posts on their own are great to keep your cat from scratching the furniture! Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, as this allows them to shed the outer husk of their claws and release pheromones through their paws.

Scratching objects can be made from sisal rope, carpet, or cardboard. Scratchers are available in the typical standing scratching post form, as cardboard pads or slabs, in cardboard stack towers, or in creative abstract designs. It is good to have more than one scratcher around the house, and test out what your cat likes by providing a range of surfaces.

Cat Beds

A bed of their own is always nice, as your cat will feel they have somewhere cosy and safe to snuggle up in. In the wild, cats often seek out a safe den, particularly if they are breeding or in a cooler season. To mimic this, igloo beds are designed to be den-like and cosy.

Fuzzyard provides a range of igloo cubby beds that can be transformed into a regular bolster bed if your cat decides they don't want a cubby hole, or if you'd like variation between summer and winter.

With so many fantastic and adorable types of cat furniture available, there really is something for everyone. By providing something to scratch, somewhere to hide, levels to explore, and toys for amusement, your cat's mental and physical wellbeing will benefit immensely.

Posted by Dr Carla Paszkowski

When Carla isn't talking about petcare at PetCircle, she enjoys playing mum to her fluffy little cross-eyed feline fur baby, Smudge.

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