Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Taste of the Wild Cat Food


Taste of the Wild Cat Food products have an average rating of 4.1 / 5.0 from 53 reviews

Why buy Taste of the Wild Select Cat Food?

With the intention of creating meals that mirror your cat’s ancestral diet as closely as possible, Taste of the Wild has designed a delicious range of premium grain-free cat food to completely nourish and support all aspects of your cat’s health and wellbeing.

The DNA of modern day domestic cats is very similar to their wild cat ancestors. Taste of the Wild caters to this by producing a diet as close to the primitive, ancestral diet as possible, while still ensuring complete and balanced nutrition as dictated and regulated by modern day science.

Taste of the Wild cat food provides natural, top quality balanced nutrition that satisfies your cat’s instinctive cravings for nutritious natural ingredients. Recipes are made with quality roasted meats including trout, smoked salmon, and mountain venison, as well as vegetables to provide a natural source of antioxidants, and natural probiotics help to maximise the health benefits of premium quality nutrition.

Taste of the Wild cat food is manufactured under standards that are as strict as those used for producing human grade food. Taste of the Wild is committed to producing cat food that is of the highest possible quality, and oversee over 1500 tests on ingredients and 11,000 tests on finished products every week. This ensures all of their food meets or exceeds nutritional standards, and helps to ensure they receive a positive review from every customer.