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Best Calming Dog Bed

LAST UPDATED December 2023

This article is written by Pet Circle's qualified veterinarian, Dr Samantha Wycherley BVSc

We all know how important it is to have a warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night - and it's no different for our dogs! A safe, cosy spot to retire to when they're feeling tired is an essential for our furry friends, and did you know that in some cases a dog's bed can help to promote feelings of calm as well?

Calming beds have surged in popularity recently as owners search for ways to help their anxious pets feel relaxed. Creating a cosy sanctuary where your pet feels secure can help to ease feelings of stress for dogs that struggle with anxiety.

How does a calming bed work?

Calming beds are designed to evoke the feelings of comfort and warmth a puppy would feel when snuggled into its mum alongside its brothers and sisters. Technically any bed that promotes feelings of calm can be called a calming bed however there are some features that seem to naturally help dogs relax. A calming bed should be soft and plush, it ideally needs to be fluffy (to mimic a mother dog's fur) and it also needs to have a raised side to create the feeling of being enclosed or cradled.

Check out our top calming beds below, there's sure to be one that your pup will love to sink into and have a good snooze.


  1. Best value: Paws for Life Cosy Calming Bed
  2. Best Transeasonal Bed: Rogz Lekka 3d Pod
  3. Best Hooded Bed: Charlie's Pet Hooded Snookie Nest
  4. Best colour range: Charlie's Pet Faux Fur Fluffy Calming Pet Nest
  5. Best Orthopaedic Calming Bed: PetKit Four Season Sleep Bed

How We Review Our Products

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Top Calming Dog Beds in Australia

Best Value: Paws for Life Cosy Calming Bed


  • Available in two colours
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Machine washable


  • Not big enough for giant breed dogs
  • Cover isn't removable

The Paws For Life Cosy Calming Bed is a super snuggly and soft round bed which has all of the essential features of a calming bed with the added bonus of a low price.

The raised sides offer support for the head and the shag fur creates a warm and soothing environment. This bed comes in two great neutral colours that will blend in seamlessly with most homes. It's also machine washable which makes it a great practical choice.

What our customers say: "My new dog loves this bed. It's really good quality, great value for money and obviously very comfortable. I can't recommend it highly enough."

What our vets say: "My dog Louie loves curling up in this bed, it is so soft, fluffy and cosy. I love that it fits in the washing machine, making it so easy to keep clean." - Dr. Belinda

Shop Paws for Life Cosy Calming Bed

Best Transeasonal Bed: Rogz Lekka 3d Pod


  • Reversible cushion
  • Zip off cover for cleaning
  • Recycled filler


  • Doesn't have long faux fur
  • Only one colour available

The Rogz Lekka Pod bed is a great choice for dogs that want to feel safe and secure but live in a warmer environment. The cosy cushion interior is reversible to allow you to choose a cooler or warmer side depending on the season.

Although this bed doesn’t have the long faux fur interior like some of the other calming beds it's still a very plush and soft bed with raised sides for your pet to rest their head.

It also has a removable cover which makes cleaning a breeze.

What our customers say: "Add in a very positive review taken from product page"

What our vets say: "Add in a review or recommendation from one of the vets" - Dr. VET FIRST NAME

Shop Rogz Lekka 3D Pod

Best Hooded Bed: Charlie's Pet Hooded Snookie Nest


  • Built in hood
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in multiple colours


  • Cover not removable

This calming bed takes comfort to the next level with a built-in hood which acts as a blanket. This inviting design helps dogs to feel even more cosy, secure and enclosed. They won't be able to resist snuggling down for a long, restful snooze.

It's a perfect hideaway for anxious dogs, machine washable and comes in multiple colours.

What our customers say: "Comfy and stylish for both my dog and cat."

What our vets say: "Hooded beds are a great option for pets who love to be tucked in. This Charlie's bed is constructed with a cushioned yet supportive base and the interior lining feels super soft and luxurious to the touch. Your pet will love burrowing into this bed for a snooze!" - Dr. Kes

Shop Charlie's Pet Hooded Snookie Nest

Best colour range: Charlie's Pet Faux Fur Fluffy Calming Pet Nest


  • Multiple calming features
  • Range of colours
  • Removable cover
  • Different sizes suit dogs up to 45kg


  • Priced slightly higher

If you are looking for a bed that stands out then look no further than the bold terracotta calming pet nest.

This one has all of the classic features of a calming bed with a circular shape, raised sides and an ultra soft faux fur lining - it has the added bonus of coming in a range of colours - terracotta, silver and charcoal, this means you can have your pick on whichever colour suits your home, or suits your pet the best!

What our customers say: "Good quality, super fluffy bed. The best judges are the dogs. I got it for my 16yo boy but the others want to use it too!"

Shop Charlie's Pet Faux Fur Fluffy Calming Pet Nest

Best Orthopaedic Calming Bed: PetKit Four Season Sleep Bed


  • Memory foam support
  • Bolstered sides


  • No faux fur
  • Only one colour
  • Only one size

The Petkit Four Season bed is the perfect choice for dogs that are struggling with their joints and need a little extra support - whilst also wanting to feel safe and secure.

Most of the classic calming beds are very soft and it's important that dogs with orthopaedic issues have some support - this is where the memory foam support can really help!

This bed combines memory foam support with bolstered sides to create an enclosed, calming feel.

What our customers say: "Great product for the price, genuinely an orthopaedic bed and it doesn’t cost hundreds."

Shop PetKit Four Season Sleep Bed

If your dog has anxiety and you are looking for extra ways to help your pup feel calm and relaxed then it's worth giving a calming bed a try! Even dogs that are super relaxed already will enjoy the feeling of sleeping in one of these cosy beds.

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