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Dr. Katelyn Bailey, BVSc (Hons)

Last Updated December 2023

Dr Katelyn Bailey graduated as a veterinarian from The University of Queensland in 2018 and has since worked in small animal general practice clinics in south-east Queensland. Katelyn grew up on a small hobby farm surrounded by a range of animals including cats, dogs, chickens, sheep, cattle and donkeys, which naturally led to a dream of becoming a vet.

Her special interests include feline medicine and behaviour, preventative health care, internal medicine, research and senior pet care. Katelyn is a strong proponent of the human-animal bond and loves to hear about the quirks that make each pet so special. As a lifelong cat lover she is especially passionate about everything feline!

Dr. Katelyn's Pets

Katelyn is fortunate enough to have had many pets over the years and still enjoys visiting her family's menagerie of animals. She currently has a cat called Peggy, who loves cuddling in bed at night, seeking out spots to sunbathe and who despite being well into her teen years is still up for the occasional zoom around the house! Peggy was adopted from a shelter when she was 10 weeks of age and has been Katelyn's almost constant companion ever since.



Peggy as a kitten with her siblings, Champers and Fiona

At Pet Circle

Katelyn joined the Pet Circle team at the end of 2021. She enjoys the unique role that Pet Circle vets play in helping both pet owners and fellow veterinarians, by providing an outlet for pet owners to seek advice and guidance about more general areas of pet care which are often unable to be thoroughly discussed in a general practice setting.

As well as providing advice via Pet Circle's personalised Vet Pet Plan service, Katelyn also spends time responding to queries on live chat and writing articles to further educate pet owners on all things pet-related.

Katelyn's Top Recommended Products


"Greenies are my go-to for dental treats for both dogs and cats- they're very tasty, come in a range of flavours, and are proven to reduce tartar and calculus build-up, making them a staple for a good dental homecare routine- Peggy absolutely loves her Greenies!"

All for Paws Cat Treat Maze

"Food puzzles help to slow down feeding time as well as encourage activity, and are a great option for cats (and dogs!) who eat too fast, need to lose some weight or who would benefit from some extra enrichment. I love the way this maze can be easily rearranged which provides a lot of variety and ensures your kitty will be kept on their toes!"

Bravecto Plus

"This is a great product that protects against the nasty paralysis tick as well as a range of other commonly encountered parasites. Tick paralysis is a real concern in many parts of Australia, so it's great to have such a convenient product on the market for cats in an easy to use spot-on formulation."


"Ear infections can be very frustrating to treat so I regularly use this in clinic to improve the efficacy of prescription ear medications, and also as a maintenance treatment to help prevent recurring infections. I like that it doesn't have a strong smell compared to other ear cleaners, which I find makes it better tolerated in a lot of cases!"