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Dr. Maree Monaghan, BVSc (Hons)

1 JULY 2022

Dr Maree Monaghan is one of the Pet Circle Vet Squads qualified veterinarians. Dr. Maree graduated from the University of Queensland in 1990 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and has worked in a wide variety of practices around Australia and in Papua New Guinea. She has cared for all creatures great and small and has a particular interest in senior pets and horse nutrition.

Dr. Maree's Pets

Dr Maree has always been surrounded by animals and birds and even took her donkey to her school fete to participate in the Pet Parade. At the moment, her family consists of a Kelpie, two Terriers, a Burmese cat, three Painthorses and six chickens.



Huckleberry Finn

Maree and Patrick

At Pet Circle

History: Dr Maree joined Pet Circle in 2021. She is part of the team that provides owners with Vet Pet Plans as well as answering questions via the Pet Circle Ask a Vet service.

Dr Maree enjoys helping pet owners navigate their way through the vast amount of information available to find the best possible options for their pets.

Maree's Top Recommended Products

Kelato Biotin Max Concentrate

Biotin has been scientifically proven to improve horses' hoof quality. Kelato Biotin Max Concentrate delivers the correct amount of Biotin in a small dose palatable powder. My horses love the taste and their hoof quality is noticeably improved even after all the rain and flooding we had at the beginning of this year.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Despite their small size, my Terriers are power chewers and the Kong Extreme is one of the few chew toys that they don't destroy. I fill them with a variety of tasty treats and freeze them to give all three of my dogs hours of enjoyment.

PAW Blackmores Manuka Wound Gel

Honey is one of Nature's great healers and Manuka Wound Gel is a convenient, safe and effective way to use it to treat wounds on all types of animals. This is my go to product for preventing contamination and infection when any of my animals hurt themselves.