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Dr. Michelle Wong, BVSc

14 FEBRUARY 2022

One of Pet Circle's in house veterinarians and content writers, Dr Michelle graduated from the University of Queensland in 2011 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and has worked in small animal practices around South East Queensland before joining Sydney based Pet Circle team in 2020.

As an owner of three cats, it is not surprising that Dr Michelle holds special interests in feline behaviour and medicine. She is also interested in dermatology and preventative health care. Her favourite part of being a vet is witnessing the special bond between pets and their owners and being able to help pets live a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Michelle's Pets

Dr. Michelle's home is run by a trio of rescue cats. They were either found on the streets as kittens or left in a box in front of a veterinary clinic. Despite the sad start in life, the cats now have a comfortable, sheltered life with the run of the household. The boys, Pudding and Black Panther, love nothing more than to eat good food, sleep and take the occasional walk outside for some fresh air. Chilli, the colourful tortoise-shell girl, is a dainty little thing who loves to curl up beside Dr Michelle's desk as she works.

Black Panther



At Pet Circle

History: Dr Michelle joined Pet Circle in late 2020. As a part of the Vet Squad team, Michelle provides in-house veterinary counsel and support for our Pet Circle customers, as well as written pet care content for Pet Circle's Education Portal.

Dr. Michelle's favourite part about working at Pet Circle is being able to help pet owners with their enquiries from all around Australia and impart tips to help them pet better. By helping owners understand their pets more, not only can they care for their pets better but also strengthen that special pet-owner bond. Pet Circle has allowed a unique opportunity to improve pet care beyond the consult room and Dr Michelle encourages anyone with questions to get in contact via Pet Circle's Vet Pet Plan service, live chat, or book a telehealth general advice session.

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