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Dr. Samantha Wycherley, BVSc

Last Updated December 2023

Pet Circle Veterinarian, Dr Samantha, graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2015 and went on to work in small animal practice on the Kapiti Coast in NZ. Samantha relocated to the UK and worked as a locum vet at various practices before moving to Melbourne in 2018. Samantha is still working as a small animal GP vet however has also now joined Australia's largest online pet shop, Pet Circle.

Dr. Samantha has a special interest in wildlife however most days are made up of cats and dogs. Samantha loves all aspects of veterinary medicine and enjoys being an all-rounder GP vet.

Dr. Samantha's Pets

Samantha often brings home stray or unwanted pets and will care for them temporarily until a forever home can be found. There have been a menagerie of animals that have stopped in, ranging from ducklings to baby goats!

Her permanent pet family consists of Scout the Border Collie and Zanzibar the cat (a foster fail).

Dr Samantha's Top Recommended Products

Chuckit Classic Long

"This is Scout's favourite toy. Energetic border collie's like Scout can play ball for hours! This thrower saves my arm and my back!"

Vitapet Jerhigh Milky Sticks

"I used these to train Scout as a puppy and they are still her favourite training treat! Perfect to use for getting your new pup to master some tricks."

Feliway Diffuser

"I always make sure to have this plugged in if there are any changes going on in the home.It helped her to settle in as a kitten and still helps her now!"

Best Friends Donut Shag Bed

"This bed is so comfortable that both of my pets usually end up in it!"