Cat Stress and Anxiety

Cat Stress and Anxiety


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Stress and anxiety products for cat

Why buy anxiety products for your cat?

Anxiety is a common problem with domesticated cats. What causes anxiety in cats? It's sometimes difficult to tell what is causing stress in your cat. Common causes include the introduction of a new family member or pet, a visit to the vet or cattery, a neighborhood cat nearby, or change of environment such as moving house. Signs of stress or anxiety in your cat include spraying urine, vocalising, decreased appetite, scratching the furniture, over-grooming, redirected aggression, or the development of urinary infections. To achieve some well-needed peace for both you and your cat, it's worth trying one or more anxiety products before turning to medication.

An extensive range of anti-anxiety products for cats

Want to know how to stop your cat's bad behaviour, or how to thoroughly de-stress them? Before resorting to medication, you might like to try some use-at-home products that can help calm your kitty. Supplements are available that contain tryptophan, a serotonin precursor which helps produce feelings of calm. Pheromone sprays and diffusers are also available, which emit feline appeasing pheromone. Pheromone products made by Feliway are anecdotally very successful and are heavily used and recommended by veterinarians. Anxiety wraps can also be useful for cats with temporary anxiety, such as thunderstorm anxiety or trouble with travelling.

Trusted brands

Pet Circle stocks all the top brands including Feliway, Thundershirt, and Rufus and Coco.