Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratchers


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Cat scratchers - solving an age-old problem!

Have you ever wondered just why cats scratch furniture? Or the carpet? Or the flyscreen door? There are a few reasons, such as the natural instinct to sharpen their claws, as well as the lesser-known reason: the act of scratching also deposits a scent from your cat's paw pads area, which sends a territorial signal to other cats.

A variety of scratchers to suit your cat...

There are plenty of different cat scratchers online for you to choose from, including classic cat scratching posts, cat trees, cat towers and more. There are also cardboard inclines and lounges that can be used by your cat to sharpen their claws, and clever interactive cat scratchers to keep your kitty busy. These can even be sprinkled with catnip to encourage further interest in the scratcher, rather than your lounge!