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Dog Coats, Jumpers & Jackets


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Dog coats for those colder seasons!

Whether you are looking to keep your dog cosy and warm during the cold winter months, or you just want to indulge their inner fashionista, we've got a great range of dog coats, jackets, jumpers and more to suit pooches of all shapes and sizes. If you plan on taking your dog into the snow, we have coats for that, too!

Traditional style dog coats are an excellent way to keep your canine companion warm while they're out and about. Often available in durable, water resistant or waterproof materials, coats are the best option for active and outdoor dogs. A wrap, such as those made by Fuzzyard, may be better suited to dogs that do not live in very cold climates, whilst a lined coat such as Huskimo's thorough range, are perfect for dogs living in places that see frost and snow.

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