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Spectrum Chews Large Dog Blue Sentinel

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Product Information

Sentinel Spectrum Blue for Large Dogs weighing 22-45kg.

Sentinel Spectrum is a tasty monthly chewable treatment that protects your dog from fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms and tapeworm.

  • Protects against heartworm when given monthly
  • Treats and controls all major intestinal worms
  • Treats and controls tapeworm
  • Helps control fleas by stopping them from breeding

Sentinel Spectrum protects your dog from deadly heartworm. Immature heartworms are spread by mosquito bites. When the adults mature they live in the vessels of the heart and lungs, and can reach up to 30cm in length. Left untreated, heartworm disease causes heart failure and sadly death. Treatment for heartworm is dangerous and expensive, so prevention is essential.

Unlike some other monthly heartworm treatments, Sentinel Spectrum treats and controls tapeworm plus all major intestinal worms including roundworm, whipworm and hookworm. It also helps to control fleas by preventing adult fleas from breeding.

Safe to use in puppies from 6 weeks, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Is your dog already on flea prevention? Use Interceptor monthly for heartworm and intestinal worm control instead.

Is your dog covered for paralysis ticks? Add Nexgard or Bravecto for complete coverage.

PACKAGING: single item medication orders may be sent via flatpack. This will not alter the quality of your product, yet will allow us to send you your product in the most efficient manner.


Each chewable contains Milbemycin Oxime 23mg, Lufenuron 460mg, Praziquantel 228mg


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Reviews (72) 5 star rating

Joe Vic, Au (reviewed Thu Mar 24 18:51:49 AEDT 2016 )

Not the cheapest, but defiantly a good product for the dogs. Have been using it for a long time with no issues

Ben Vic, Au (reviewed Fri May 06 08:11:38 AEST 2016 )

Wins hands down. Nothing more to say. Obviously Sentinel has the high price tag because of this. It's great when Pet Circle has this on special - it makes it a bit more affordable :-) Thanks team.

Antonietta Vic, Au (reviewed Wed Jun 22 13:29:00 AEST 2016 )

covers all in just a monthly pill - excellent product

Joanne Nsw, Au (reviewed Thu Oct 13 12:51:51 AEDT 2016 )

It is an excellent product, although my dog does not like the taste and I have to force it down in little pieces added with treats to confuse her. Bronte is very smart and she can sort some of them out. We even have coated with peanut butter and she still won't eat them. Eventually with a shut snout and rubbing of the throat she swallows.

Charmaine Sa, Au (reviewed Wed Nov 02 19:43:35 AEDT 2016 )

Have used this product for many years am very pleased with the price and excellent delivery time.

Sandy Vic, Au (reviewed Wed Dec 21 14:17:28 AEDT 2016 )

The Best!

Shaun Vic, Au (reviewed Tue Feb 21 07:50:25 AEDT 2017 )

Great price for what can be an expensive product to buy. Our dog happily eats the chews making worming easy

Wil Nsw, Au (reviewed Tue Feb 21 17:20:58 AEDT 2017 )

This is a top quality product . I have used it with three of my dogs for over ten years. Speedy delivery and great price. .

Kevin Qld, Au (reviewed Sat Feb 25 18:03:45 AEDT 2017 )

Very good. Our dog has been on it now for quite some time with no problems.

Debra Vic, Au (reviewed Mon Feb 27 09:52:48 AEDT 2017 )

I wasn't aware (until I read all information) that tgis product does NOT actually kill adult fleas. So you need...yet....another product again to do this job.

Janine Gunn (reviewed Wed Jan 13 19:03:54 AEDT 2016 )

These chews are fantastic, they are so easy to administer as the dogs love the taste and happily gobble it up :-)

Terry Sa, Au (reviewed Wed Mar 23 15:24:33 AEDT 2016 )

After researching all the different Worm,flea heart worm treatments on the market, I felt this offered me everything, to keep my 2 dogs safe and protected. the vet was also pleased I use this product. Dogs eat it in with their meal once a month. have been using this for 5 years.

Di Vic, Au (reviewed Sun Jun 26 16:00:31 AEST 2016 )

I am so grateful to Pet Circle. This product is the best for my greyhound in every aspect. The price is amazing. Cheaper than anywhere. Thankyou

Barry Vic, Au (reviewed Tue Jul 05 19:39:26 AEST 2016 )

Excellent Product, great service provided by Pet Circle and the best price for this product. I have already referred a few friends to Pet Circle.

Gabriella Nsw, Au (reviewed Wed Jul 13 15:36:02 AEST 2016 )

It's not chewable so i have to break it up, conceal and trick my boxer who usually eats anything just not this! As far as preventing heartworm and all the rest it works!! So i shall continue to conceal and trick my boxer :)

Veronica J Wa, Au (reviewed Wed Jul 13 21:47:32 AEST 2016 )

I have used this product for many many years and believe that is the best of all the types of worming,flea & heart worm control. The reason I like is so much is it is internal and is every month. Internal is good for us humans especially the ones that chew their nails and suck thumbs after touch their pet. Also monthly is much better than every 3 months. I can't remember every 3 months it is so much easier monthly.

Christopher Nsw, Au (reviewed Sun Sep 11 21:07:43 AEST 2016 )

I've been using this product for more than 8 years, and it has been more than 8 years since I've even seen a flea. Considering I used to be overrun with fleas each summer, I would consider that alone to be worth 5 stars. Happy with Petcircle pricing, cheapest I've found.

Kenneth Qld, Au (reviewed Sun Sep 18 11:24:13 AEST 2016 )

one of the best products on market have been using it for sometime best of all value for money win win

Peter Vic, Au (reviewed Mon Oct 17 17:17:00 AEDT 2016 )

Have used this product for a few years now easy to administer my dog thinks it's a special treat. Very effective product and so glad I have found Pet Circle so I can enjoy the savings with their great prices.

Anna Nsw, Au (reviewed Thu Nov 24 08:53:08 AEDT 2016 )

Thank you for the speedy delivery was astounded that I received the product following day.

Lorraine Qld, Au (reviewed Thu Nov 24 14:25:01 AEDT 2016 )

Pet Circle was very easy to deal with and provided prompt, cost effective shipping. Sentinel is the only brand I buy for our fur babies and have trusted it for years.

Alex Nsw, Au (reviewed Fri Feb 17 17:34:01 AEDT 2017 )

My dog is 12 years old and still going strong. The product seems to be working.

Meghann Vic, Au (reviewed Tue Feb 21 17:37:11 AEDT 2017 )

I find this product very expensive (as I do with all wormers) but the vet said this is the best so I'm sticking with it. Find pet circle has the best price I've seen.

Phil Vic, Au (reviewed Fri Feb 24 00:51:12 AEDT 2017 )

Product arrived in 48 hours was worried it may be discounted that heavily due to it being close to the best by date. Was pleased to discover over 18 months remained

Peter Sa, Au (reviewed Tue Feb 28 11:37:08 AEDT 2017 )

Great product dogs gobble them up no problems

Perry Nsw, Au (reviewed Wed Mar 01 12:54:18 AEDT 2017 )

Dies the trick, prevents the dogs from getting sick. ??

Pamela Vic, Au (reviewed Wed Mar 01 14:24:16 AEDT 2017 )

Marilyn Qld, Au (reviewed Wed Mar 15 11:07:20 AEDT 2017 )

Very good product .It is all we use on our dogs .Thanks very mich good price value for money .

Claude Vic, Au (reviewed Thu Mar 16 10:56:16 AEDT 2017 )


Carol Qld, Au (reviewed Thu Mar 23 22:18:55 AEDT 2017 )

Does the job it is meant to do.

Luke Nsw, Au (reviewed Sat Mar 11 06:29:38 AEDT 2017 )

Great product.

Sophie Qld, Au (reviewed Sun Mar 12 14:29:03 AEDT 2017 )

Have used this product on 6 dogs chow chow breeds over the years. With reliable results and effective treatment of fleas heartworm and tapeworm. Sentential continues to be a wonderful product.

C & D Wa, Au (reviewed Sat Mar 18 10:50:18 AEDT 2017 )

I feel it's the best option for fleaing and worming.

Ezza17 null (reviewed Mon May 27 21:41:26 AEST 2013 )

It's automatically purchased for me every 3 months so I don't have to remember to purchase it. Sent straight to my door too! :)

grill Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Tue May 28 07:38:36 AEST 2013 )

I have used Sentinel Spectrum for many years, based on a vet's advice.

Salli Fernvale, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Wed May 29 11:08:15 AEST 2013 )

I am very happy with this product & have been using it for yrs & will not change...

Caroline null (reviewed Fri May 31 06:24:45 AEST 2013 )

Ordered one day, delivered the next, good price, efficient service and follow up, what more could I ask for. Thank you.

Lauren Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Tue Jun 11 11:36:50 AEST 2013 )

I have used this product for a few years, and it is fantastic! I have a big dog with a double coat so this is a great way of giving him all the treatments he needs in one chewable tablet. Highly recommended!

Jodie Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Fri Jun 28 09:04:25 AEST 2013 )

My vet put my dog onto Sentinel from the start it work great 

Destiny Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed Jul 10 09:18:17 AEST 2013 )

Great product, great price and prompt delivery. Couldn't ask for anything else! 

Jetoz Perth, Western Australia, Australia (reviewed Sat Jul 13 12:01:44 AEST 2013 )

Have bought this repeatedly as such good value and fast delivery.

Tompat Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed Jul 17 13:33:09 AEST 2013 )

Significantly cheaper than anywhere I've seen and so convenient as delivered with a 15kg bag of dog food. Only thing I'd like would be courier to knock and ask if wanted box brought in as too heavy for me to lift!

vikki Bethania, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Sat Aug 03 10:06:26 AEST 2013 )

all good, prompt delivery, reasonable pricing, online booking

mamaspy Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed Aug 14 19:17:59 AEST 2013 )

Great preventative treatment that my dogs love, and avoids the need for an annual heartworm injection which is contraindicated in some dogs, whilst getting flea and worm treatment at the same time.

linney Craigieburn Victoria (reviewed Sat Oct 05 03:44:04 AEST 2013 )

Have gone onto your 13 week despatch system. It's great. You remind me when it's due and I don't need to worry about forgetting.

Tamara Western Australia, Australia (reviewed Wed Oct 16 04:51:40 AEDT 2013 )

Fast shipping and great product, thank you! Will be ordering again.

Mema Rockhampton, QLD, Australia (reviewed Tue Nov 19 10:11:44 AEDT 2013 )

My dogs, Bodie 6 and Jack 4, have been taking Sentinel Spectrum all their lives. I have found the product to be excellent. Both my boys have been fit and healthy with absolutely no health issues.

dog29 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Mon Nov 25 16:17:00 AEDT 2013 )

Our dogs don't actually like the chews but it's a convenient, once a month product that keeps them healthy and flea free.

Doreen Country Victoria (reviewed Thu Dec 12 15:13:08 AEDT 2013 )

I have been using this product to protect my animals for more than 20 years and have not had problems with heartworm or fleas during all that time. Our latest dog is now using Sentinel Spectrum and I am perfectly satisfied he is completely protected.

jenny Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Tue Dec 17 09:20:31 AEDT 2013 )

Good price. Arrived very promptly. A great online service.

hayleyfive Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Wed Dec 25 10:52:44 AEDT 2013 )

Great having an all in one product that my dog loves. No more wresting to get her to take the old tabs. And it's cheaper once I add up the cost of the wormers and flea products that I used to use.

Jade Gold coast (reviewed Tue Jan 28 19:40:55 AEDT 2014 )

Bought this product to use on my border collie x Rottweiler 6 month old puppy and found it to have little effect on fleas. His flea allergy has flared up big time again, so now I need to spend the extra cash to buy a better product. I think I'll move him onto comfortis like my other dog. 

Mema Rockhampton, QLD, Australia (reviewed Sat Feb 08 10:31:00 AEDT 2014 )

I've been using this product for the last 6 years on both my dogs. No adverse side affects, mind you they still prefer to have it rolled in mincemeat to eat it but takes care of their health and well-being

renie Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Thu Feb 20 11:09:44 AEDT 2014 )

I bought this product hoping it would do everything but now I have to buy another product to kill adult fleas.  :( 

Philgoods Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Sat Feb 22 02:40:17 AEDT 2014 )

amazing product at a very good price, and amazingly fast delivery. Products always works and never fails! Thank you!

Geoff Princes Hill, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Thu Mar 06 22:35:33 AEDT 2014 )

We have used this Sentinel product for some time. One easy-to-digest soft tasty chew, and all of my dog's requirements have been met, apart from the annual injection.

Holly123 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Tue Apr 01 08:02:32 AEDT 2014 )

We'd been using topical ointments like frontline, flea collars, natural remedies and my ridgeback still had a consistent hoard of fleas living on him. Ever since day 1 of Sentinel we haven't seen a flea. Don't bother buying anything else. I thought I'd try save money by getting frontline but it ended up costing more by having to buy Capstar and collars as well. Highly recommend this product

bailey Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (reviewed Mon Apr 28 08:54:23 AEST 2014 )

They sell good quality products with competitive pricing.

Vish null (reviewed Sat May 03 22:04:16 AEST 2014 )

Good All round protection for my pooch . Better than spot-ons etc

Max16 Ryde, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Wed Jun 04 11:21:40 AEST 2014 )

Provides excellent protection from heart worm for my dogs

KimW92 Moranbah, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Mon Sep 01 11:50:56 AEST 2014 )

This product is the most comprehensive flea/worm treatment and my dogs just love the taste! Had them sitting for their treats, so much easier than trying to get them to sit still for a topical treatment or shoving a tablet down their throats. The one downside is they always want more than one!

Dogj Ballina, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Thu Nov 13 20:07:23 AEDT 2014 )

First time using it have brought three months so far 1st dose is working fine

Sammyrooster Werribee, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed Nov 19 12:54:39 AEDT 2014 )

I buy this and give it to my dogs every month,so easy everything in one tablet so l don't need to go buy other tablets for my dogs to take.it does Fleas Heart Worm and all Worms.

Aussie Rob Gwandalan, New South Wales, Australia (reviewed Sun Mar 22 21:32:42 AEDT 2015 )

We moved our Golden Retriever to Sentinel from Comfortis (which has also been relievable) to cover the one easy monthly application that also covers heart worm and intestinal worms. We still haven't seen any fleas so another fine product from the manufacturer. It has also been easier to feed our boy as he eagerly swallows the chew down unlike the monthly battle that we had trying to get him to take the Comfortis tablets.

Fraserblack Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed May 27 16:12:49 AEST 2015 )

I'm so happy to have found this product. I have a labrador with extremely sensitive skin so Frontline Plus for fleas was not an option. The product protects from fleas, heartworm and intestinal parasites, all in one easy, chewable dose.

AllisonC Kew, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Wed Jun 17 08:45:27 AEST 2015 )

The product is the best, easy for the dogs to eat which they love

Kristen R Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (reviewed Fri Aug 07 12:41:53 AEST 2015 )

The product is great. I like that one chew takes care of fleas, heartworm and all intestinal worms. Plus, my dogs love them. Delivery was super fast (ordered Monday PM and arrived Wednesday AM). I do have one small issue with the packaging though. I ordered it with a 20kg bag of dog food and the Sentinel box ended up completely flattened. Luckily the foil packaging, while squashed, had not been broken otherwise I would have asked for a replacement. Only a minor issue though.

Monica (reviewed Mon Sep 28 13:23:27 AEST 2015 )

My baby girl gobbles her monthly chew up with her dinner, which keeps her happy, healthy and parasite-free.

Kaengy Vermont South Vic. (reviewed Wed Nov 25 03:01:06 AEDT 2015 )

I today 24/11/15 received my third shipment from Pet Circle. First order was for Pro Plan L Puppy and Sentinel Chews 22-48 kg for my Drogue de Bordeaux. Second order was for my daughters Rottweiler, Pro Plan L Adult and Sentinel Chews 22-48 kg. Todays order was a combination of Pro plan L Puppy and L Adult for both dogs. I was amazed, I ordered very early on the 23/11/15 and received shipment at about 9am the next day, that was quick.

Robyn Qld, Au (reviewed Tue Dec 01 07:57:34 AEDT 2015 )

Excellent product, would recommend it to everyone.

WeimMum Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (reviewed Tue Dec 08 13:33:40 AEDT 2015 )

Sentinel is an important part of maintaining our dogs health. Very pleased both with product and price. Delivery too was very quick.

Jacquim Sydney (reviewed Wed Dec 16 08:37:09 AEDT 2015 )

I purchased sentinel large dog chews, and was impressed with the prompt delivery, and how the delivery instructions were followed, will definitely purchase from pet circle again.

5 star rating 5
Based on 72 reviews