Furminator for Cats

Furminator for Cats


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Probably one of the smartest grooming tools you can own for your cat, the Furminator is more than a brush. More than a comb. Consider it the best way to reduce your cat's shedding dramatically - in some cases, up to 90% with continued use!

Why is my cat shedding their coat in the first place?

Most cat breeds have what's called an undercoat and a topcoat (it's more common on long-haired cat breeds such as the Maine Coon). It's this undercoat - which is usually denser and shorter - that does the most shedding, and it's the fur that you find all over the couch, on your bed, on the clothes and so on. Brushing alone won't be enough to assist in getting rid of all this loose fur: the Furminator instead uses its fine, stainless steel teeth to reach deep beneath your cat's topcoat, gently removing the loose hairs underneath. Keep on top of your cat's grooming, and you should see a lot less shedding going on pretty soon!

What's the best deshedding Furminator for my cat?

That depends on the length of your cat's coat. For a full ist of recommendations, see below.

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Wondering what Furminator your cat needs?

  • Long Hair/Large Cat: Suitable for Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Ragdolls, or generally larger cats with hair longer than 5cm
  • Short Hair/Large Cat: Suitable for Bengals, Burmese, Egyptian Maus or generally larger cats with hair shorter than 5cm
  • Long Hair/Small Cat: Suitable for Persians, Birmans, Munchkins, American Curl or generally smaller cats with hair longer than 5cm
  • Short Hair/Small Cat: Suitable for Scottish Folds, Exotic Shorthairs, British Shorthair, or generally smaller cats with hair shorter than 5cm

The Furminator is also available for horses and small pets.

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