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Why buy Optimum dog food?

Optimum food for dogs delivers balanced nutrition for pets at every lifestage, from growing young puppies to senior dogs. Endorsed by Dr Chris Brown, also known as ‘Bondi Vet', Optimum is a well-established brand of dog food in Australia.

Optimum dog food for every lifestage

Optimum has delicious diets for dogs at every lifestage - from puppy to adult to mature dogs. Optimum even provides diet options for overweight dogs. Dry food can help clean your dog's teeth as the abrasive action of the dry kibble scrapes off plaque and tartar, while wet food can help to keep your dog hydrated with a higher moisture content.

Different dog food flavours for variety

If you're wondering how to feed a fussy dog, sometimes a rotational diet can help. Optimum has both wet and dry dog food in a wide array of flavours including turkey, chicken, lamb and rice, beef and egg, and beef.

Where is Optimum made?

Optimum is made in Australia, primarily between New South Wales and Victoria. Their factories meet the highest Australian sanitation and quality assurance standards.