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Water fountains for cats - for finnicky felines

Have you ever noticed your cat drinking water from odd places around the house? Maybe they get in the shower after you're done and lick the tiles, drink the water in the glass on your bedside table, or maybe they will stick their head under the bathroom sink while you're brushing your teeth. If your kitty is doing something similarly odd, it's a good indicator that they aren't happy with their ordinary water source. Think about it. Lions don't drink from puddles: they go to the river, along with many other animals, where the water is moving and less stagnant.

Many cats prefer flowing water because it's more likely to be clean, but we can't all afford to live next to crystal-clear waterfalls. The next best thing? A water fountain for your cat. There's a wide range of models available these days at a price to suit many budgets. If you're after a stylish indoor model, Drinkwell has you well and truly covered, with plastic, glass and ceramic models available.

For fresh and filtered H2O

Another big plus to water fountains is that many include built-in, replaceable filters that get rid of hair and other odds and ends that make their way into your cat's water. PetKit's Eversweet Fountain is a great example of this. Others (such as most of Drinkwell's models) have the option of adding in charcoal filters in order to draw out impurities in the water.

Why does my cat need extra water?

Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water, which of course is not a good thing! Lack of hydration in your cat's diet can lead to kidney and urinary issues, which will progress to your cat requiring a special vet-prescribed diet. To avoid these issues, always provide your cat with fresh drinking water, or consider giving them a bit of a boost with some wet cat food.

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